A recipe for Rhubarb Raisins

So you feel like something unsual for lunch… but you just don’t feel like you’re up to Iceland’s famed putrefied shark flesh called Hákarl?

You know… the dish made up of poisonous shark flesh that’s been fermented and hung to dry so that it’s no longer poisonous? The one that was traditionally buried and exposed to several freeze/thaw cycles until naturally fermented? The one that tastes like cheesy ammonia?


Let’s try something simpler.

A little more tame.

Perhaps something you could bake with?

How about rhubarb “raisins”?

This is one of those ingenious, resourceful Icelandic dishes that anyone can make at home.

All you need is a very hot day (95-100F), or a barely warm oven (150F). Chop up a pile of rhubarb and set it out in the sun (or in the oven), until dried up and shriveled. If you leave it outside, you might cover it lightly with a thin cloth to keep dust and gunk away.

Once the rhubarb dries up, pack it in sugar until needed. They get really small, so make a lot more than you think you’ll need.

Use them in the place of raisins in bread, soups, and puddings.
Give them to a friend for a gift with a note that says “Just be glad it’s not Hákarl”
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  1. You mean we’re not being treated to Icelandic rancid fish nuggets at Ava’s party? Good call!

  2. Hakari – never had it but would try it if starving or in Iceland. It sounds fascinating, like stinky tofu, in a horrible kind of way. I would say that I’d try it if offered but would never seek it out. :O)

    Like the idea of rhubarb raisins though. I will try making that although where I live it has yet to make it above 70 deg F so no solar fruit drying for me.

    BTW, I love your global adventure. I started reading around Ghana and have gone back and am trying to read all the other countries. Also, those Guatemalan butter bombs are part of my repertoire now. Thanks for blogging!


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