Save Christmas with 3 Dishes From Around the World

Mayday, mayday! I opened and closed the fridge about 10 ten times. Nothing to eat. Nothing to offer guests.  Each time I peered in, I hoped for a different result (there had to be something in there besides baby yogurt and beets… seriously) but … nope… there I was – December 22 – with a full house and no nom noms or drinks.

To be fair, I wasn’t expecting three dear friends to drop by all at once (one of which hadn’t had breakfast or lunch due to a busy, busy morning) … but then again… it’s Christmas week…

Now that I am fully traumatized (and my friends half starved to death), I’d like to share some wisdom: During the holiday season, always have an impromptu party on standby! You can learn from my mistakes and have the ingredients for this super easy snack and one of these two traditional Christmas drinks ready to go … you know, should someone decide to pop over to bring you a gift.

And then you won’t have to serve them stale teething biscuits or your leftovers from the night before.

1. Cameroonian Peanut Butter Croissants (Groundnut Croissants)

2. Iced Fruit Drink (Kompot)

3. Fabulous Mulled Wine (Gløgg)


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