2010 Global Gingerbread Contest

I’m a sucker for the holidays. I wish I could live in a gingerbread house. One weekend a year I *almost* live out my dream… our dining room table spills over with candy, cookies, and frosting. I love the creativity. The fun. The family bonding.

Being covered in sugar.

This year I’d love it if you would join us… virtually. I’d even like to give away a nifty prize to the best gingerbread house.

Are you game?

Here’s how the contest will work:

  1. Make a Global Gingerbread House. It must be about 90% edible.
  2. The theme is international/global/foreign … be creative!
  3. Email: Sasha at global table adventure dot com.


  • A photo
  • 100 word description/story about your house
  • A link to your blog post about the contest. Ideally, your blog post will have more pictures and details about the “making of.” (Having a blog is not a requirement).

Deadline is December 20, 2010 at midnight, Central time.

After I look everything over, I will share my favorites here, on the blog.

Finally, I’ll pick a winner.

What the winner wins… A.K.A. “The Prize”

The winner will be given a choice between one of two prizes, depending on their interests. I like choices and thought you might too.

Prize option 1:

Gingerbread for All Seasons (Abradale Books)“, a professional gingerbread book with tons of templates and technical information. Limited photography. (128 pages)

Gingerbread-it’s not just for Christmas anymore. Great for the novice and the advanced baker alike, Gingerbread for All Seasons includes 20 projects, with patterns that range from such simple shapes as snowflakes to more ambitious gingerbread masterpieces such as a haunted house for Halloween and a Victorian Christmas cottage. Step-by-step instructions, actual-size templates, and layout diagrams accompany each project.

Prize option 2:

Gingerbread Houses: Baking and Building Memories, a more basic book, full of many inspiring photos, some simple patterns, detailed shopping lists and even information on how to host a gingerbread party. (190 pages)

A resource for baking, constructing and decorating gingerbread houses. Nonnie Cargas covers the basics from mixing and baking dough to constructing and decorating any of the 13 patterns featured in this book – including the Swiss chalet, Southwestern ranch and the country chapel.

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