Recipe: Corn with Plantains

Serves 4

Corn with plantains is a common pairing in West Africa. Add a little heat with your favorite hot pepper, or use regular bell peppers. Our version is vegetarian/vegan.


1 tsp red palm oil
1 lb fresh or frozen corn
2 yellow plantains
1 chili pepper (I used a poblano from my garden that turned red), diced
1/2 cup water


Heat up a little oil in a medium pot.

Chop up a couple of plantains…

… and add them with the corn.

If you’re using hot peppers, add them now. I like how they give a little splash of color in a sea of cream and gold.

Add enough water to keep everything from sticking on the bottom. I like to think of water droplets as fairy grapes.

Simmer, covered until everything is cooked and the plantains are tender, about 30 minutes.

Makes a tasty side dish – great for a potluck or dinner party. :)

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