Technique Thursday: How to make good Nocken (Austrian Spaetzle)

Kasnocken (Recipe) are small, “squiggly” pasta served with cheese and caramelized onion, essentially Austrian Mac and Cheese. This delicious “post-ski” comfort food can be made any number of ways, but I’ve done some research on proper technique.

The best KasNocken techniques keep the dough tender:

– Do not over-mix the dough or your Nocken will be tough. Just combine ingredients with your hand or a spoon until just mixed.

– Let the dough rest for 10-20 minutes after mixing. This gives time for the dough to relax and become more tender.

– Never boil the dough. Simmering keeps the dough… you guessed it… more tender.

What tool to use to make Nocken?

– You can push the dough through a $60 gadget

or a $3 colander

or the old fashioned way, with a cutting board and blade, like in this video (the second lady is FAST)

You decide. There are die-hard fans each method. Just remember that the end result is supposed to be imperfect. Afterall, the flavor attaches to those squigglies.

– The dough should be very thin, making it easy to pass through the holes. Bringing the noodles to your mouth should not be a weight lifting challenge.

Serving recommendations:

– Once cooked and drained, kasnocken is typically put in an oven-proof skillet. In the oven, melt cheese over the top and add caramelized onions.

– Serve Kasnocken directly out of the skillet.

Kasnocken Recipe (Nocken with Cheese, a.k.a. Austrian Spaetzle)



  1. Susan aka Mom aka GrammieSue says

    These vidios are to die for…not to mention the kasnocken.

    wow The Italians work so hard with their pasta…this is a breeze. Any eggs? Will wait and see….

  2. SImone says

    OMG, I never thought about using a colander!!! That seems like such a no-brainer… I tried making these a few months ago, and tried the old-fashioned way… it took me foreeeeeever!!! I’ll definitely have to do this again and go the “easier” way. They are goooooooood!!!

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