Weekly Schedule

As a rule, we visit a new country every week. Every rule has exceptions, however: once in a while I’ll combine two countries in a week, so that I can build in vacation and sick time. Regardless, this is the weekly schedule:

Travel Tuesday:

Overview of the cuisine. Learn about some of the popular foods, preparation methods, and customs.


Menu: Read what I’ll be cooking, usually 3-4 dishes (sometimes more, sometimes less). In general I provide an appetizer, vegetable, main course, and dessert. Sometimes I substitute in drink, sauce, or soup recipes.

Technique Thursday:

Learn about a new ingredient or technique to enhance your cooking. This is almost always a recipe.

Fun Friday:

Random recipes, tidbits and polls.

Monday Meal Review:

Recipes, photos, and reviews are published by Monday morning. This usually includes a video of Ava trying the food filmed and edited by my husband, Keith Martin.


Aside from Ava’s Corner (shown in the Monday Meal Review), you can sometimes watch videos about the country’s food or culture on Twitter. (This has been moved from the blog due to the ephemeral nature of YouTube videos). Once in a while I’ll also post one on our Facebook Fan Page.

Fun Questions and Randomness

Our Facebook Fan Page is a place for chit chat about random food/travel topics, mostly via questions posted on the wall.


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