Crepes or Pancakes?

Morning, noon, and night, Croatians love a good pancake. There’s just one catch. They aren’t really eating “pancakes,” … if you define pancakes as thick and fluffy, griddle-fried, chemically leavened batter (i.e. baking soda and baking powder). Which… they don’t!

So what exactly are they eating? Thin, delicate, crêpe-like “pancakes.” These sort of pancakes don’t have any leavening at all, unless you count a splash of bubbly water.  And they aren’t alone – most of the countries I’ve run into prefer this style of “pancake.”

All these fun facts inspired me to write an ode to the Croatian Pancake:

Fill ’em with jam, fill ’em with cheese.

Eat ’em with ham, eat them for tea!

Bake them til bubbling,

Eat as many as you please!

It’s an amazing work of poetry. I know. I’m expecting a call to be featured on the Writer’s Almanac. Any day now, any day.

And that’s about all the fun I can stand this Friday… but, if you’re still looking for amusement, take our poll and hop on over to Jim’s Pancakes.  His site will make you smile. Promise.

Have a great weekend!

As always, thank you for reading! 🙂


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