Congo Bars, Extinct Fish & Margaritas (with poll)

Happy Fun Fact Friday! I had the most wonderful, GIANT margarita earlier, so I am going to keep this brief.

Mostly because I keep misspelling words.

(don’t worry, I’m writing this Thursday night, not Friday morning ­čśë )


In case you were wondering, Congo bars are not an authentic Congolese dessert. If they were, you can bet I would have made a batch (or three).


There’s a big, crazy-looking fish that lives in the deep waters near the Comoros islands. Its called the coelacanth and everyone (mainly important scientist-types) thought it had been extinct for millions and millions of years. Nope. Imagine being the person to discover it, just hanging out, swimming around Comoros, not dead.

Photo courtesy of Alberto Fernandez


If you’re thinking about eating the coelacanth, forget it.┬á┬áTheir flesh is loaded up with an unpalatable, rancid tasting oil.


Since you can’t eat the coelacanth, you might as well chow down on some vanilla, ylang-ylang oil, and cloves. That’s what they grow in Comoros.


I’ll take another┬ámargarita. Shaken, not stirred. Extra salt. And with a couple of olives (olives???) … I know!┬áSacrilege. But that’s how they served it at Charleston’s and I’m in love. That’s how I’m going to get all my margarita’s from now on.


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