Good Vibes to Chile (with poll)

The Chilean Miners

Please join me in sending a basket of good vibes over to the 33 Chilean miners who’ve been trapped underground since August 5th. They could be freed anytime between next week and November. It just depends on how long the digging machines take to finish their jobs.

Each miner will take three hours to lift out of the mine, in a very narrow, bullet looking contraption. Three hours, lifted through rock, a half mile tall, but nearly touching both shoulders.

Just the thought makes my chest feel tight.

Here’s a complete story from a few weeks ago.

Chilean meal times:

Lunchtime is celebrated in Chile. Often a leisurely affair, complete with appetizer, main course, and light dessert, lunch falls in the middle of the afternoon Рusually between 1 and 3 pm.

About the time my family eats dinner (5-7 pm), Chileans are eating “Onces.” They’ll usually put on a pot of tea or coffee and eat some bread, rolls, pastries, or even sandwiches.

I’m already in my pajamas when Chileans eat dinner. They sit down between 9pm and midnight. For real.


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