Flour in Africa (with poll)

I bought an apron this summer. It was time to face facts. I’m 31 years old, I’m a mess in the kitchen, and I’m not getting any cleaner.

Flour is probably my only regular fashion accessory (although I do love necklaces). In addition, flour is almost always my only chance at “makeup.”

As I twirl through the kitchen, I regularly dust flour on my nose, through my hair, and – yes – even on poor little Ava.

She’s really a good sport though – she hardly ever notices.

So, in honor of flour’s persistent role in my life, let’s talk … flour.

This photo shows millet and all-purpose, wheat flour.

Around the world, people use all sorts of flour in their food, depending on access to native plants, special diets, and basic needs.

In Africa, the most common are flours are Millet, Cassava, Tapioca, Teff, and wheat.

In day to day life, flour is typically used to make one of the following items:

  • porridge
  • thick and starchy fufu
  • dumplings
  • fried beignets/doughnuts

About flour in this week’s countries:

  • Central African Republic utilizes mostly cassava.
  • Chad utilizes mostly millet.


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