Oils and Seasonings in Cameroon (with poll)

  • Cameroon’s name derives from the Portuguese word for shrimp.

Speaking of shrimp…

When Ava was a newborn we called her shrimp and the basket she napped in we called her “shrimp basket.”

She is the sweetest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I could just eat her up. Nom nom.

We propped our little shrimp up by 5 gazillion blankets and one boppy (never unattended, mind you).

Pretty cozy for a shrimp basket.

Yawn. ZZZzzz.

She did a lot of that those first weeks.

That’s right. I’m one of those moms.

I’ll talk/love/gush/ramble on about my baby Ava any chance I get.

Thanks, Cameroon for giving me a reason to talk my daughter. 😀

Ok, back on topic.

  • Different oils are available in Cameroon’s varied regions: generally red palm oil in the south and sesame in the north
  • Country onions are used for seasoning along with garlic and hot peppers, usually habenero. The small country onion (the bulb is about the size of a large grape) adds a smoky garlic note to food.


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