Meals in Burundi (with poll)

While you are reading this, I’m on a plane. Flying to Virginia.

On Friday the 13th.  The flight left at 6 am.

Yes, I made the reservations. Who knows what I was thinking.

All I can hope for is a little relaxation.

I bet I could find some at this beach, in Burundi…

Lake Tanganyika. Photo Courtesy of Andreas

For today’s FFF,I thought it would be fun to share 4 first hand accounts of meals in Burundi, followed by our weekly poll:

Lunch at the Market restaurant

A heaping plate of rice and peas in tomato and onion sauce, fried bananas, a piece of beef (having lived a long and toil-filled life before landing on the plate), accompanied by slices of fresh pineapple, by bananas, peanuts, and a soft drink, cost $1.50 each. Move over McDonald’s.

Burundian Delicacies

…gorging ourselves on a number of Burundian delicacies – many different cooked vegetables, fried plantains, rice, sauce with beef (none of which was all that unusual to our American palates – though we think the cheese in one of the salads may have been the cause of several of us not feeling completely well the next day)

Three dollar feast

We took a break at 1:00 to have lunch: a plate of beef with sauce, rice, beans, spinach and fried bananas, salted peanuts, and bananas for dessert, with a bottle of soda per person. By local standards a great feast. Cost $3

On the enjoyment of meat

I invited them to lunch in the bar/café of the hotel. They all ordered beef brochettes. Three of them are farmers and they have the chance to eat meat perhaps once every three months if that. Etienne said he liked meat very much, but that he was very old (I asked – he’s 56). I didn’t see the connection right away, so they explained that in Burundi, the older people get the more they like meat. In any event they all savored their brochettes. We continued talking through lunch, and then it was time for me to leave.


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