The Durians of Brunei (with polls)

I don’t think I told you. Keith’s been out of town all week so my mom’s been helping me and Ava pass the time. An extended pajama party, really. We’ve been to the water park, played with dollies, cooked, cleaned, torn apart my closets and made mounds of donations. We’ve been really busy and had tons of fun, but today I’m just counting the hours until I see my sweetie. He’ll be home at five. Tick. Tick. Tick. Is it five yet?

What are you counting down to? Help pass a little time with these fun facts (and poll) from Brunei.

Happy Friday!

Durian. Photo courtesy of Yun Huang Yong

Brunei Fun Facts:

  • Brunei is in both the northern and western hemispheres. I guess that technically makes Brunei a country with “food around the world” within its own borders. 😀
  • Relative humidity is high throughout the year, averaging 93%. That’s so humid, it might as well rain!
  • Food is passed and eaten with the right hand only. The left hand is considered unclean. One exception – when holding a heavy plate with the right hand, the left hand can be used to support the right wrist.
  • Shoes are traditionally removed before entering the home.
  • Brunei agriculture includes rice, vegetables, tropical fruit such as bananas, papayas, watermelon. They also raise chicken.
  • A variety of less common fruit is also grown, such as the Durian and Rambutan.
  • The Durian has been described as tasting like vomit, sewage, turpentine, and roasted almond. It just depends on the fruit you pick. This unusual specimen is added to candies, desserts, rice, and soups. The thick, woody husk is even used to smoke fish.
  • Rambutan means hairy fruit and, indeed, it is. The red and green, hairy exterior hides a creamy white or pink interior – sweet and a little acidic. Be careful with the seed. It is poisonous unless cooked.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in Brunei.

Rambutan. Photo Courtesy of David Ansley


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