Technique Thursday: Tornadoes and a video

Dear readers,

Our regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted by severe weather and tornado warnings.

I do apologize, but all my brain power has been consumed by “fear of the tornado.”  My husband claims I have a particularly irrational “fear of the tornado.” Irrational? How can my fear of instant, windy death be irrational? I mean look at this:

Irrational? No, I don’t think so. The method of death might be irrational. But not my fear.

Furthermore, I don’t call this irrational:

So what if I had to have 3 helmets standing by? Yeah, yeah. I know, ten month-old Ava is too small for one. But having it out still makes me feel better. Gah, tornado season really makes me question my Oklahoma residence. Maybe I should move to Belarus instead.

Anyway, thank you for your understanding!


PS To make up for my inability to produce a coherent piece of food writing, I will now share this Belarus-related video:

In this fascinating survival video you will learn how to make a spoon and a saw, all while camping in the vast woods of Belarus. This is a 6 video series, should you wish to watch them all… I’m hoping his next special is on how to kick a tornado’s butt.

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