Sunshine Award

Cooking my way around the world feels like young love.

One minute I’m giddy with excitement, thinking about what it will be like to cook and feast on the next 3 1/2 years of meals.

The next minute, I’m dumbstruck with awe as I ponder just how many countries I have left in my challenge.

I mean, really.

I’ve done 7 and I’ve got 188 to go… !!!

With an average of 4 recipes per country that’s about … 752 more recipes…

And this week I’m putting together 7 dishes for Armenia alone!

Some one pick me up off of the floor. Please.


Now. I’m going to get all mushy on you.

I am so very grateful for YOU, my dedicated readers and fans, who click by to see what’s cooking at Global Table. You keep me motivated and happy! I’ve been both humbled and honored by your interest in my little project. Some of you have even made my recipes! Wow. What a compliment. Thank you.

Less than two months in, the blog is getting quite a bit of attention. I’ve been featured on FOX 23 news and will be in the May issue of TulsaPeople magazine. Who would have thought… (besides, perhaps, my personal cheerleader, my husband… and, of course, my mom).

Most recently Global Table was honored with the Sunshine Blog Award. Super! And, incidentally, what a great name for an award! Again, I find myself so amazed and thankful.

I wish I could fit you all around my Global Table. Wouldn’t that be fun?


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