Pineapple Papaya Coco Sipper

It took Micronesia to get me excited about a smoothie.

Don’t get me wrong – I love smoothies.

After a while, though, they all taste the same.

Until now.

This smoothie blushes, straight from the easy, breezy islands.


Because out of the soft, sweet flavor of papaya and pineapple comes the daring zip of fresh lime juice.

Adding lime juice to a smoothie may sound strange, but Micronesians know – this is like adding a hint of key lime pie to your drink.

A bit of soprano to your alto. A bit of shine to your sun.

And then there’s the fact that it’s mixed with coconut water.

Healthy, healthy, healthy.

So come on, let’s take off our shoes, slide our feet in the sand, and sip a smoothie til we blush.

This recipe is inspired by the tropical fruits of Micronesia…but not any one particular recipe. Makes about 4 cups (serves 2)

NOTE: Be sure to chill all ingredients overnight in the refrigerator for best results.


2 cups fresh pineapple chunks
4 cups papaya chunks (about 1/2 a papaya seeded, peeled, and cubed)
1/2 a lime, juiced or to taste
1/2-1 cup coconut water, as needed
handful of ice, or more to taste


Let’s fly to Micronesia… we can land our planes on this runway…

Runways at the Abaiang Atoll Airport. Photo by Benutzer Flexmaen

… and find a happy spot to make a smoothie. Just blend all ingredients together until smooth. Start with just a 1/2 cup of coconut water and a handful of ice. Add more of either, to taste. I’ll be making this one again and again! Will you?

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Because out of the soft, sweet flavor of papaya and pineapple comes the daring zip of fresh lime juice. Adding lime juice to a smoothie may sound strange, but Micronesians know - this is like adding a hint of key lime pie to your drink.Pineapple Papaya Coco Sipper
  1. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.
Recipe Notes

Start with just a 1/2 cup of coconut water and a handful of ice. Add more of either, to taste.


Recipe Copyright Sasha Martin, Global Table Adventure. For personal or educational use only.


  1. Kate Machin says

    Sounds delish! Love the pic of Miss Ava too: she sure is a cutie (plus I really covet her straw – that looks like fun 🙂

    • Sasha Martin says

      Ahh, yes that straw – it’s been floating around since her birthday last summer 🙂 I have fond memories of straws like that from when I was little.

  2. elisa waller says

    this is sooo good!
    A perfect drink to serve someone who has just had..lets say….. a detoxifying massage at the ocean side spa……woo hoo! <3

  3. Rebecca says

    I just made this for my roommate, who is from China and we both thought it was great! We added a tablespoon of sugar though because our pineapple was a bit sour. It’s a keeper! We will be making it all summer… THANKS!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Fantastic! And thanks for reporting back… I could see this being good with honey, as well 🙂

  4. Sandra says

    Well I finally took a weekend to do some major “Global table Adventuring”. We live in San Diego so have access to lots of ethnic markets. My husband and I spent a couple of hours hitting up local Middle Eastern, Latin and Asian markets, then stopping off for a lovely Vietnamese lunch of Pho, spring rolls and Iced Tea with Boba – total heaven. We scored everything on our list (Black lime powder, saffron (packaged in the cutest little tin ever), lots of dried chilis, tomatillos, and a perfectly ripened papaya).

    For dinner yesterday I went to Kuwait and made the Machboos and Daqqus – the aroma was so awesome that people walking by our house stopped to inhale the wonderfulness). The chicken made by simmering then roasting was so juicy and the flavors permeated every bite. The black lime powder in the spice rub was a new and unbelievable taste. The rice — wow, the raisin/almond topping — double wow. At first I haddn’t planned to make the daqqus sauce but I am so glad I did — it was so easy and the perfect condiment. I used a whole jalepeno.

    We went to the Marshall Islands for dessert and had the baked papaya with coconut cream. This baked while we ate and then we divided into pairs and shared – OMG – what a wonderful, communal experience. I am not the hugest fan of papaya but this transformed the fruit — just tranformed it.

    After dinner I got totally ambitious and went to Mexico making your Mole recipe. It was hard work, I must say, but the way you broke it down into 5 steps made it seem attainable and it was. Straining the sauce took some bit of time and I was a little concerned att hat point that I had messed up, but it all worked and the mole is divine — I am using some as a gift and the rest for cooking this week.

    OH — and for breakfast yesterday (and a snack last weekend) we made the avocado smoothie from Dominica. I had tried avocado smoothies before when traveling in Ethiopia (after seeing them in the cafes in Addis Ababa for ages, but lacking the courage to try). My husband was quite skeptical but this smoothie knocked his socks off. The first time I followed your directions to the letter, the second time I only had 2 avocados so I added a ripe mango and used a 2:1 ratio of passion fruit:grapefruit juice. Totally awesome.

    Thanks so much for doing this adventure. I look forward to each week with you, Ava and Keith. The only think I would appreciate more is a “print” option to consolidate the instructions with out the photos – it is easier to store the recipes in my cookbook that way.

    I can
    t wait for the adventure to continue!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Wow, Sandra! Thank you for taking the time to share your cooking Adventures – what a fantastic report back. I love that you tried so many different dishes from so many different parts of the world. You are a true Knight of the Global Table 🙂 I also think it’s great that you made adaptations and made the drink suit what ingredients you had on hand – that’s exactly where great recipe ideas are born and then the recipe is really integrated into your life and family. I hope to have some sort of solution to the printing problem, but for now try the print-friendly button (under “share the love”) – every time you click something you don’t want, it disappears. That way you can quickly get rid of all the pictures and text that you aren’t interested in.

      Thanks again for letting me know – you totally made my week 🙂

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