Global Gingerbread Contest Gallery 2012

Welcome to our Global Gingerbread Gallery. Have fun, share the love, and submit an entry. When you’re done, sit back with a glass of something tasty and browse through the other entries. The world is a beautiful place. Let’s celebrate it.  Let’s Gingerbread for Peace.  Love, Sasha
P.S. Don’t forget to read about the contest prizes and assimilate the full rules before submitting.
P.P.S. Be sure to connect your creation to the greater vision of world peace in the short essay.



  1. voting for Giraffe Gingerbread Hut

  2. aunty eileen says:

    WOW… they are all so beautiful and interesting!!

  3. aunty eileen says:

    Sasha, I wanted to share, but you didn’t update the top of the page paragraph.

  4. Loved the Tulsa Firehouse and Buckingham Palace. Thanks for the contest.

  5. Nice international representation!

  6. Thank ya’ll for the great essay contest!


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