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Monday Meal Review: Dominica

I scanned the sky, holding my breath, waiting. A clammy draft met my face an inch from window. “I can’t tell.” I said, “Is it?” “No, I think that’s ice rain.” Keith said. I looked at the gray sky and saw nothing. I turned my head to the yellow streetlight hoping it would illuminate a few fluffy snowflakes. Instead, all I saw was spittle falling on a wet road. “Let’s go anyway. We could use the fresh air. And perhaps it’ll start while we’re out.” We bundled Ava in 4 layers, a hat, a hood, and a pair of purple thumbless mittens. We secured her in the stroller with a giant blanket and were off. “Wow. It must be 20 degrees out here. ” ┬áhe muttered. I pulled my coat tighter. “We’ll warm up when we get home,” I replied. Thirty minutes later we walked into the house, the frost still clinging to our limbs. I breathed in deeply and smelled the hot Callaloo. Green and smoky. Mmm, that ham bone was a great addition. …


Grapefruit & Avocado Smoothie

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