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This is such an exciting week at the Global Table. We’re finally cooking Spain. Let me tell you what… she’s sweet, crunchy, saffron-loaded, and blooming with smoked paprika.

And she’s also… well… a little off. You see, I made a teeny weeny mistake on this menu (see Very Important Note #2, below).

With humble apologies, I’d like to share this Spanish proverb and hope that we can be…

One who draws water from stones.
Saca agua de las pierdras.*

i.e. Let’s be resourceful and make use out of everything that happens to us, good or bad.
i.e. With the right attitude, there are no mistakes in life.

Very Important Note #1: Thanks to all of you all who voted on our Facebook Page. You helped determine this fun, relatively simple menu with Paella. Yay! I couldn’t do it without you. Cheers!

Very Important Note #2: I got the memo too late on the “Spaniards don’t put chorizo in their Paella.”  Yikes. For more authenticity, feel free to leave it out… this will give you a simple, coastal paella. Or use chicken instead of the chorizo. Or be like me, and enjoy a … shall we say… “Spanish fusion” dish.

Very Important UPDATE: Apparently Chorizo IS authentic in certain regions of Spain. So there ya go. Who knew…

All recipes and the meal review will be posted throughout the week.

Weeknight Paella [Recipe]
A happy, simple paella. Fry up some onion and garlic, add arborio rice, peas, and saffron-laced broth. Cook with smoked paprika, chorizo, and shrimp. This recipe takes inspiration from coastal Spain and goes much quicker than the more complex paellas.

Sangria [Recipe]
A sweet and tart concotion of merlot, triple sec, and a bounty of freshly sliced oranges, limes, and lemons. Perfect for afternoon sippin’.

Churros [Recipe]
Bite into a crunchy strip of warm, fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar. Midnight snack much? Divine.

Tell me, have you ever made a cultural faux pas?  Have you misunderstood a culture? Or misinterpreted it? Made the food all wrong? How would you handle it?



  1. Leigha says

    So excited to get your paella recipe! I had paella made with rabbit while I was in Valencia. Can’t wait to try your twist!

      • Leigha says

        In all honesty, I cannot remember. We just went to a restaurant and they gave us the paella of the day. I do remember that the bones were not removed and it was mighty delicious!

  2. annaclarice says

    In this age of fusion cooking I wouldn’t worry too much about being completely and perfectly correct. Plus…we, as all cultures, have learned to adapt. If we don’t have one ingredient, we choose another similar ingredient. It may not be exact but who’s to say what’s right and wrong? 🙂

    • Sasha Martin says

      I have to admit,… it was really, really good with the chorizo. As bad as I feel about it not being entirely authentic, I might have to make it again like this.

  3. aunty eileen says

    If wanting to preserve cultures and history…. ‘exactness’ is critical. If creating ‘a version’ of something… it must be clearly stated. I ask for help also. Could someone better phrase what I am trying to say… please.

    • Sasha Martin says

      That makes sense. I don’t mind adaptations, as long as I know that’s what I’m getting.

      I think chorizo has become synonymous with Paella in so many “adapted” recipes, that perhaps most people have forgotten it’s not supposed to be in there… unless they’ve actually had it in Spain. Or perhaps it’s a regional thing? SO many recipes include it (calling their recipes authentic), that I find the situation bewildering.

      • aunty eileen says

        Yes Sasha and why I highly value ‘historians’. Thanks to the internet (Bill Gates and others)… historians have a great ‘tool’ for working-on-history. eBay is a great place that historians frequent. People who ‘value’ stuff (understand that some ‘stuff’ is in demand even if not in good condition)…. they even list old letters and ragged and stained (well used) old cookbooks, etc.

  4. Michelle Foppiano says

    Hey Sasha,
    I think it is a regional thing. When I was in Madrid I had a paella mixta and it had chorizo. Here on the coast you will find both, but it is most commonly eaten with just seafood. I have never had Valencian pallella, so since it is from there I guess that would be the recipe to follow. In conclusion, don’t think you were wrong in putting chorizo!
    Everything looks delish! I will definitely try to make this!

  5. If it makes you feel any better, our friends in Madrid make it with chorizo as well … I’m thinking it has to be a regional thing or there just may be several authentic versions. The paella they made was amazing though!!

    So glad I found your site!! We tend to eat a different country’s cuisine every night – I’m so excited to find all these recipes!!

    • Sasha Martin says

      ohhh ok! I’m relieved to hear this (from a few readers now) It was too good to modify! 🙂

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