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This week is a culinary jackpot: a frugal collection of recipes, good for using up bread, beans, and bacon fat. While I had no idea Slovakia would be this enticing, Keith said “just looking at the ingredients on the counter, I knew I’d be happy.”

And speaking of happy, I thought I’d share a great Slovakian quote about happiness…

“He’s so pleased, he keeps getting younger.”*

I love it.. although I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure what it means…

All recipes and posts will be shared throughout the week.

Grilled Garlicky Bacon Bread | Hrianka [Recipe]
This is quite possibly the most amazing recipe in the course of this blog. Thick slices of bread griddled in bacon drippings, then rubbed with raw garlic. Easy. Smart. Bacony. Hello, friend.

Slovak Sour Bean Soup [Recipe]
This is stick-to-your-ribs comfort, as good as any creamy potato soup the world around… but with it’s own regional twist: a splash of vinegar and a swirl of sour cream. Inside you’ll also find beans and bacon. Win. Win.

Quick Blueberry Bublanina [Recipe]
The Slovakian way to use up mother nature’s sweet bounty. A light, airy cake studded with the fruit of your choice, the most authentic being sour cherries or blueberries.


  1. Theresa says

    Have they discovered a few more countries yet? So, that you can go back through, and extend your challenge? 😉

  2. These all sound amazing! I think I’ve found the next menu for my “Global Table Adventure!”

  3. Jessica Bennett says

    Looking forward to reading more about the soup! But you didn’t make one of the best things I had when I was in Bratislava- dumplings with sheep’s milk cheese and bacon. You should try it when you have time.

    • I agree. I am Slovakian and you missed the original food from my country…dumplings with sheep’s milk cheese is more traditional than Hrianka or Bublanina..I understand that Slovakia is quite unknown to the world it is just that I miss that food here since you are trying to do traditional food

  4. Sasha, your posts inspire me everyday. The stovetop travels have awakened a thirst for adventure that I didn’t know I had! Now I’m anxious to see these places for myself. Thank you for teaching me so much about the world, and about myself. Best wishes for your book!

  5. Amanda says

    Hi Sasha, I’m just curious why I cannot see recipes of these wonderful cuisines U been posting?

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