Recipe: Moroko Mash (w/ poll)


Today I'm partnering with your mother. It's cold outside. Let's all bundle up in our favorite fuzzy-wild-animal-looking hoodies. Let's wear face masks and giant mittens. And let's definitely eat our vegetables. Lots and lots of veggies. Today's recipe is inspired by moroko, a dish enjoyed in the African country, Lesotho. Typically, Moroko is made with onions and greens, sauteed in oil with a bit of broth, not unlike the Kale (Sukuma Wiki) we made recently for Kenya. Moroko  can be made … [Read more...]

Recipe: The Red Rooibos Latte


Friends, it's time. Let's have a tea party. Cabin fever is setting in. Bring out your favorite dishes and your fancy hats. Shake things up. Wear those shoes you never wear and paint your fingernails red, red, red. Or, if you'd rather, we can do it in our PJ's, fuzzy slippers and robes.* As for what we'll drink? I haven't been this excited about a new tea since I had my first "London Fog" which, for the uninitiated, is Earl Grey tea made with half steamed milk. (It literally … [Read more...]

Menu: Lesotho


Weeks like this make me really happy. First of all, I'm learning about a country I knew nothing about last week. Turns out I'm a big fan of Lesotho and today's menu. Anything with steamed milk or potatoes is a near automatic win. And who wouldn't want to drink tea and eat papa in their pj's? Second of all, my two year-old daughter is singing in her first ever musical performance (ahhhh). I'm not sure my heart can take it; the cuteness is going to be ridiculous. Third of all, I get to travel … [Read more...]

About the food of Lesotho

Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho. Photo by BagelBelt.

If you'd like to go Lesotho, there's only one way. Through South Africa. If you have trouble imagining what I mean, visualize the yolk of an egg. Now squish it a little and set it way over to the right. That's Lesotho. Inside of South Africa. Despite being entirely surrounded by South Africa, Lesotho asserts her presence in a big way - by being the world's tallest country. The entire country is 3,281 ft (or more) above sea level, which is more than any other country in the … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Lebanon


THE SCENE: I am five minutes into mashing and squashing an entire head of garlic, when I realize I am not really sure what people mean when they say "I cook with my heart." My kitchen is littered with garlic peels. The papery petals stick to my fingers when I try to scrape them up. This is my second head of garlic for the day. Earlier, I roasted an entire head of garlic for the baba ghanoush. Two heads of garlic is a lot for one single, solitary meal. For the 2.5 of us. I laugh. How … [Read more...]

Recipe: Mountain Gnocchi (Maakroun)


Gnocchi is always associated with Italy. Gondolas. Striped shirts. Butter and sage. But take a trip southeast, across the Mediterranean, to the old mountain villages of Lebanon and you'll encounter something very similar. It's called Maakroun -  a thick homemade pasta that is either fried and served sweet, or boiled and served with an intense garlicky lemon sauce called toum. While Maakroun is not made with potatoes, the shape is nearly the same - a little longer perhaps. I would have never … [Read more...]

Recipe: Kiss your Mother Garlic-lemon Sauce (Toum)


Adding a handful of spices to a pot of sauce can be cause to say "Bam." Or so I've heard. But how about making sauce with an entire head garlic? Raw garlic? Raw garlic with nothing but a heap of lemon juice and olive oil to thin it out? They do it in Lebanon. And it's fabulous. Just one thing ... No one will ever kiss you again. Except your mother. Bam! NOTE: Use sparingly. Especially on hot days, when your pores are likely to sweat out the scent of this intense pasta … [Read more...]

Recipe: Baby-mama’s Spiced Tea (Ainar)


I drink a lot of tea, so I would have thought I'd seen it all. Apparently not. Introducing Ainar, the tea brewed especially for baby mama's and the guests who stop in to dote on their pretty newborns. In case you didn't know, Mamas need lots of things after having a baby. Rest. Love. Good, warm food. And this tea. The cool thing about Ainar is the treat at the bottom of the cup. Nuts. After cooking a bunch of warming, fragrant spices like cinnamon, caraway, anise, and nutmeg … [Read more...]