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The leaves are falling, orange, red and gold, making the trees look like scratchy skeletons. The days are short; night falls before dinner is over. We all have head colds. Something drastic has to be done in times like these; I had to improve the situation. So, I did what any normal person would do. I served up an entire menu of sweets for our Latvian Global Table. Sweets always make everything better. Yes, a happy collection of apples, cranberries, and sweet bread is just the ticket.

What sounds good to you?

Latvian Apple pancakes  [Recipe]
Apples are at their best right now. Start of the morning with a bite of these thin apple pancakes, seasoned with cinnamon and cardamom. The final touch? A scoop of yogurt inside and a drizzled of honey on the outside.

Baltic Cranberry Sauce [Recipe]
Latvians love a nice piece of pork with cranberry sauce. Let’s be honest, the sweet-tart flavor of cranberries can make shoe leather taste good.

Latvian Birthday Cake (Kringel) [Recipe]
Technically, this is not so much a cake as a giant, pretzel shaped sweet bread. Latvians use kringel to celebrate birthdays and name days. They even put candles in it. I like anything with candles, don’t you?

*All recipes and meal review will be up by Monday morning.

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  1. Ha, I think that could be my motto from now on… Sweets make everything better!!! :)
    Was curious, too: Did the baby arrive safely??
    Thanks as always for bringing some inspiration to my (currently sadly non-existing) cooking ideas!!!

  2. elisa waller says:

    fantastic idea….so are name days the same as birthdays??Just curious…oh and there is nothing like cranberry sauce..reminds me of capecod….<3

  3. aunty eileen says:

    Hi Sasha: where is the calender? How do I get to yesterday’s post?

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