Spam you very much! (w/ poll)

The thing about living on a coral atol with no good soil, waaaaay out in the middle of the Pacific ocean is … well, you’re a wee bit stuck when it comes to what you can and cannot eat. Bottom line, if nothing grows where you live, then breakfast, lunch and dinner all begin to take on the same appearance:

Which is okay, since fish is the bees knees. And, as for breadfruit – it apparently smells like freshly baked bread – and pandanus fruit is said to be very sweet and juicy; they both sound like winners.

Even still, the importance of imports in a country like Kiribati cannot be underestimated.

Fresh deliveries of rice, colorful produce, and canned goods are much anticipated. I’ve even read that the chicken is imported.

Now, time to get serious.

Any ideas for what two of the most enjoyed canned goods in Kiribati are?


wait for it….


Spam and corned beef.

Are you into it?


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