Recipe: Roasted Lobster Tails with Coconut Curry Dipping Sauce

We’re all friends here, right?

I need to tell you something important. I’m learning to step out of my comfort zone. Not just once in a while. Once a day. It’s scary but also rewarding. Sometimes, though, you can take too big a step. I’m learning that baby steps are better.

Let me put this into context for you.

Deciding whether or not to make this recipe caused quite the dilemma. You see, the last time I made lobster was traumatic.

Have you ever made live lobster? It’s stressful. It makes me sad just thinking about it.

Here’s the reality: I put on a brave face and went for it, but stepped too far out of my comfort zone. The result? I secretly vowed to never make lobster again.

Birnie Island Lagoon. Photo by Joann 94024.

Then Kiribati skips into my life and, like a breath of fresh air, Kiribati tells me lobster is normal. That lobster is a way of life.

And Kiribati tempts me with a 1 step coconut curry for dipping.

<deep breath>

Time to step out of my comfort zone again.

Not wishing to relive any part of my past trauma, I changed up my game plan. I used baby steps.

Have you heard of frozen lobster tails?

They’re the friendly way to make lobster. Turns out I can deal with frozen lobster tails.

For this recipe I chose northern Australian lobster tails because they are similar to the lobsters available in Kiribati. Some of them are 1 lb each. If you’re not aware, this is Very Large when it comes to lobster tail goodness.

Take the time to thaw them overnight. Cook ‘em up in the oven and serve with coconut curry on a bed of rice.

You’ll be glad you did.

Serves 4


4 Australian lobster tails
vegetable oil
1 14 oz can coconut milk
1 1/2 tsp homemade curry powder


How to make a fancy lobster tail at home:

Thaw tails overnight in the refrigerator.

Preheat the oven to 375F.

(1) Then, using kitchen shears, cut each one down the back, stopping at the last segment before the tail piece. (2) Take hands and bend back the tail until you hear a loud crack. Run fingers between the meat and the bottom membrane, freeing tail meat from the shell. (3) Pull meat up and over the shell, pressing the shell shut beneath it. (4) The tail meat can thus piggyback on top of the shell.

Phew. This video helps. It’s easier than it looks.

Give it the lobster meat a generous coating of oil. Bake for 1 1/2 minutes per ounce of weight.
TIP: Have the fishmonger tell you what each tail weighs (or wrap them up separately so the tag will tell you). My tails weren’t all the same size, so I just took the smaller ones out first so as not to overcook them.
Meanwhile, whisk together curry powder in a small saucepan with the coconut milk and salt. I used light coconut milk, but you can go as rich as you’d like. Cook until hot.
To finish off this meal, serve the curry mixture on the side, instead of butter.
And if you can get a 2 year-old to eat it, even better. 
I had mixed results.
Hope you have a lovely day!
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  1. elisa waller says:

    Delicious…..I LOVELOVELOVELOVE LObstEr…….But I too cant get past the steaming …so glad the frozen is just fine…unless “someone” else can handle the silent screams of cooking them.. :-(

  2. Good to know about the frozen tails because there’s no way I’d attempt to deal with live lobsters! The sauce seems like a much more interesting, tastier, and healthier alternative to butter. I’d be tempted to make some and smuggle it into a restaurant! :)

  3. I am from New England. New Hampshire to be exact. I have been cooking lobster since I was a kid. Frozen cannot compare to fresh in the least. Lobsters do not scream. They do not make noise and if you do it humanely they do not even move around. To boil a live lobster, put them in the freezer for approximately 1 hour (no more) before you put them in the already boiling, sea salted water, water head first NOT tail first. 10 minutes for the first pound and 3 additional minutes for each additional pound, i.e., cook a two-pound lobster for 13 minutes.
    When the antennae pull out easy, the lobsters are done. I am an animal lover and I do, even after all these years, feel bad but when I taste it, I quickly get over it. Lobsters are not like killing a warm blooded animal. Believe me, frozen tails do not compare to fresh.

  4. I am lucky. My countryside grown father killed lobsters and langoustines every other weekend, joking on the noise they make and pointing at how the things were moving while in the fridge etc etc. This shock therapy worked and I don’t mind killing live lobsters for food – ethically it is not different than eating neatly butchered meat (I have to say I’d probably have issues if I had to personally kill a pig or a cow). My partner is another matter though – the only time I cooked crab he begged me to go and free it in the ocean for the whole afternoon that the crab spent in our fridge … He does not eat any of the lot, as well.

  5. Having a blog has often pushed me out of my comfort zone. And I agree, I have learned to take small steps. otherwise it can get overwhelming. That said, I love lobster (my goodness, the size of those tails!) and curry, so thanks for taking that baby step!

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