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What is it about Wednesday’s? They’re such a transitional day. A day when the weekend is too far away. From both sides.

Listen, I want to tell you a secret. Although I like people, I’m rather shy. I don’t do a good job of being myself around new friends. Sometimes I trip and other times spill things on myself.  Sometimes it happens all at once.

Kiribati is a new friend. I’m trying hard not to trip. I hope you’ll understand if I take it slow. We’re getting our feet wet with two dishes in the hopes of dissuading any big messups. Still, I think you’ll like them. After all, Kiribati – all the way out in the great, big, wild ocean – is all about really simple food with big flavor. That’s something I can get behind.

What sounds good to you?*

Roasted Lobster Tails with Coconut Curry [Recipe]
Here’s the most ridiculous thing. Earlier on this Adventure, I vowed I would never  make lobster again. But I did. Thanks to Kiribati. True story. More on this tomorrow.

Sweet Coco Pumpkin with Pandan Leaves [Recipe]
I don’t believe in weird desserts. This is totally not weird. This is sweet, and pumpkiny, and pandany. And it’s regular fare in Kiribati. Get into it – this is pumpkin season. It’s time.

*All recipes and reviews will be up by Monday morning.


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