Menu: Japan

Last night I did my first ever live demo while on radio. There were about two dozen people there to try the food.

What a rush!

What fun!

What a late night.

So here I am, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, focusing in on Japan. I’m happy to tell you that this menu is going to be both beautiful and delicious. And very hands on.

So here’s the menu… What sounds good to you?

A Bento for Miss Ava [Recipe]
Send your toddler to preschool with the cutest bento lunch in the world. Just be warned – you’ll end up wanting one for yourself. It’s like a hundred delicious smiles in a lunch box. Brilliant.

Veggie sushi (futomaki) [Recipe]
If you’ve never done it before, you need to do it: veggie sushi. In fact, this is one of my favorite interactive dinner party themes. Colorful and fun, everyone makes their own sushi from an assortment of sliced veggies like avocado, asparagus, bell pepper, cucumber and sweet pickled gourd. Plus, kids love it. The fun is in trying, not perfection (or the “P” word as Flylady says)

Sushi Rice [Recipe]
Slightly sweet, slightly vinegary. Sushi rice is surprisingly easy to make and incredibly satisfying.

Espresso Jello with Evaporated Milk [Recipe]
Pull yourself out of the 3pm slump with this crazy, wiggly, jiggly drink. Cubes of espresso jello in evaporated milk might be the most ingenious drink idea ever. Especially since the jello can be slurped up through extra wide straws. Wonderful!


  1. simone says

    Happily surprised 🙂 I have no experience with Japan. But I’ve seen the bento boxes and wanted to try one… maybe this will finally ‘make me’ 🙂 and that dessert sounds amazing… yum. Oh, and Congrats on the radio show!!!

  2. Brian S. says

    “Vegetable sushi!” I thought. “Obviously an American invention. Japanese wouldn’t touch it.” Well, I’m wrong. One of Japan’s top sushi chefs works almost exclusively in vegetables, and his place is so popular that without a reservation you can forget about getting in. Here’s a description:

  3. Jessica Bennett says

    First of all, congratulations on your live debut! Glad it went well 🙂 The whole menu sounds good to me, although I’m curious what’s in your toddler bento box. And did you eat the sushi rice plain or did you just use it for your veggie sushi? Some of the time I make it, I do wrap it up in seaweed with veggies, but sometimes I really just like to eat a bowl of it. It’s one of my comfort foods.

    • Brian S. says

      I’m guessing she made futomaki wrapped in nori, and the photo confirms this.

      • Jessica Bennett says

        I saw the picture. I just thought since she listed the veggie sushi and sushi rice separately, they might have eaten them separately too, like I sometimes do.

  4. I’ve had sushi rice, rice vinegar and the seaweed sheets sitting on my countertop for more than 6 months now. I don’t like cucumber or avocado or the regular stuff sushis are made of. Now I think I’ll finally get a chance to start cooking some of it.
    Congrats on the radio show, it must have been fun ! And nice to see a reference to Flylady too !!

  5. Sasha Martin says

    Simone – thank you 🙂

    Brian – yes, veggie rolls are delicious and an especially great way to introduce people to the art of sushi. (I wouldn’t want to have a sushi party with raw fish just for contamination reasons…it could be a nightmare)

    The other Brian – wish you were there 🙂

    Thanks Paul!

    Carole – yes, use it up! By the end of the week you’ll see how much fun it is…

  6. bdubz says

    We had a Japanese au pair/housekeeper for 8 months a very long time ago and quite apart from becoming one of my best friends, she introduced us to amazing food. At least once a week we’d have a dinner of make-your-own sushi. Everything on the table, beautifully chopped, plus cone shaped nori to wrap it all up in. Was also the thinnest 8 months of my life. Salad with EVERY meal. Chicken pot pie on the coldest night of the year? Salad on the side 🙂 Can’t wait to try the espresso jello!

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