Monday Meal Review: Grenada


I was almost asleep when it hit me. My eyes popped open.

“Did you put the Oil Down away?” I asked.

“The what?” Keith replied, groggily.

“The Oil Down. The stew?” I waited, blinded by the piercing blue glow radiating from my alarm clock.


I shut my eyes tightly and shook my head. Keith always answers my questions with a question when I’m upset.

“How long has it been out?” he asked.

I didn’t answer.

“Is it still good?”

“No.” I felt tears well up in my eyes even as I said it. I tried not to blink, hoping they would stay put.

This was a first. An entire dish, gone uneaten by Mr Picky and Miss Ava. Sure, I had sampled it earlier in the day, while flitting around the kitchen, but I had saved the bulk of the stew for later, for a time when we could all sit down together to eat as a family.

Here we were, hours later – in bed, almost asleep. Several urgent errands had left the Oil Down forgotten on the stove top. Even though we could all still sample the nutmeg ice cream (and we adults could drink the rum punch), there would be no Oil Down.

I thought about the hours. The chopping. The yucca. A few tears slid down my cheeks.

The yucca.

Of course things went wrong. As I lay in bed, staring at the fan’s shadow swirling against the dark ceiling, the tears came down full force. This tuber was mocking me. Since I began cooking meals from around the world I have had zero success with yucca, and we’re more than 1.25 years through the project.

The irony is this yucca dish tasted good – a little rich, but good. I thought the yucca and I were on our way to a new beginning. I thought I may have tamed this wild tuber.

Clearly, I thought wrong.

I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Where are you going?” Keith asked, as I tiptoed out of bed.

“To eat some nutmeg ice cream.”


Oil Down with Yucca (Vegan) [Recipe]

What I like most about this dish:

This thick coconut infused stew would be great stick-to-your-ribs ski food. If you’re looking for a blend of Indian and Caribbean sensibilities, this is it.

What I like least about this dish:

The food sticks to your ribs a little too much. I think my waist expanded just thinking about it. Yes. Yes, it did. Next time I’ll go for light coconut milk.

Spinners and Sinkers [Recipe]

What I like most about this dish:

The new shape was fun to make. Will definitely be trying these again.

What I like least about this dish:

While the flavor was good, they came out surprisingly dense. Also, the coarse cornmeal, while adding an interesting textural element, was distracting. Next time I’ll go with a fine grind.

Nutmeg Ice Cream [Recipe]

What I like most about this dish:

Nutmeg. Ice cream. Are you kidding? From the moment I read about this combination (and I had never heard it before cooking Grenada), I was in love with the idea. Upon sampling, it completely matched up with the dreams I had of this treat. I expect we’ll have a long and happy life together. Oh, and this was Ava’s first time eating ice cream. Success.

What I like least about this dish:

Us girls loved it. Mr. Picky was funny. He said “I like the topping but the rest tastes too gingery.” I had no idea what he meant. I told him it was all nutmeg. “Oh,” he said. “I thought it was ginger ice cream.”

Caribbean Rum Punch [Recipe]

What I like most about this dish:

It’s easy as 1234 (see recipe for clarification). Perfect for an impromptu gathering – everyone has juice, rum, and limes – right??

What I like least about this dish:

I would like it a bit sweeter.

Ava’s Corner:


  1. What happened? Was it to be served the following day and didn’t get put into the fridge? What a shame.

      • Jessica Bennett says

        Yucca really doesn’t seem to be your friend. At least you got to have some. Don’t give up on it though- that’s letting it win.

        • Sasha Martin says

          I’ll have to do something *really* basic, like … just boil it. ha ha.

  2. Christine says

    Great editing in Ava’s video. And her face! Oh, the anticipation!

    • Sasha Martin says

      I know, Keith did such a great job this week. They get better and better. Did you see I put a link to all the videos on the right side of the page? I was surfing through the old ones ,getting misty eyed about my baby girl all “grown up”

    • Thanks, Christine (and Sasha 😉

      She’s always been very expressive and it’s a treat to capture it on video and have the opportunity to share.

  3. elisawaller says

    yes dear sister…. it happens to the best of us….your mind needed rest……..if anyone can try try again..its you….I love you and your valiant efforts…”To bed, to bed! There’s a knocking at the gate (on your eyelids). Come, come, come, come, give me your hand. What’s done cannot be undone. To bed, to bed, to bed!” Lady Macbeth….
    I cannot wait to make those dumplings and sip that drink…..<3

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thank you! What a great quote. To bed indeed, but after a little ice cream.

  4. elisa waller says

    and that was one of the greatest videos… and the first time experience….that belongs in a childrens movie!!! justawesome…my heart feels so sweeeeeet after watching it..thank u!

    • So glad you liked the video. Luckily my stars are usually cooperative and take ice cream as payment for a days work.

  5. Ava is the star of the show, really. But of course so are all your efforts. I can understand the frustration after all your hard work. But it is also comforting to know that things do not always go smoothly in your kitchen either!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Oh, most definitely! I can assure you… my kitchen is often a place of chaos or comedy…

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