To like or to love, that is the question.

Do you want to tell someone you love them in French?

“Je t’aime.”

Do you want to tell someone you like them in French?

“Je t’aime.”

It gets confusing when you’re a geeked out adolescent, trying not to sound too eager when talking about the cute guy in your class.

It matters less when talking about food.

Or family.

In fact, the French language has an important message for all of us.

We shouldn’t just love our loved ones. We should like them, too.

Makes sense to me.


  1. elisa waller says

    great phot of keith and ava……..I made coq au vin, once to celebrate bastille day..I loved it! and i remeber eating a nougat of was delicious, and I love them still..and of course…bread bread and more bread!
    Je t’aime.”<3

  2. Jessica Bennett says

    For “others” I’d say:
    – baguette
    – escargot
    – pain au chocolat

  3. Estelle Yong says

    Raclette, croissant d’amandes, eclairs, gateau de fromage, baguette, etc. 🙂

  4. Collette Lemons says

    I learned to make crepe’s in HomeEc in high school. Omelets I make often and know how to make a few different ways to make them. Flat or puffy.

    I have had pate’ and yuck, i have also tried escargo and that is yuck too.

    I always laugh because people who can afford to eat anything would choose the ickiest foods while the poor folks feast on Steak and hamburgers, lol.

  5. Danielle says

    croissant d’amandes
    Coq au vin
    Steak frites from Les Halles in NYC

  6. shannon says

    the only thing i don’t care for on the list would be flan (personal taste, my kids love it), but j’aime claffoutti, fondue bourguignon or savoyarde , raclette, gesiers, oeufs meurette, and the list could go on and on!

  7. Rike says

    Escargot, frog legs, and yes – bread, bread, bread! I grew up in Saarland which is now in Germany, bordering on France. After the war, until 1954 or so, we were part of France and it was probably most noticeable at the table.

  8. Sasha Martin says

    I forgot about raclette- yummmmm & stinky to the max. 🙂 All this food talk makes me happy and hungry.

    • Jessica Bennett says

      I love raclette- just always thought that was more Swiss than French.

      • Sasha Martin says

        Mmm, I think you are right. One of my French uncles ate it all the time, but he lived near the Swiss border. Actually, really, really near it. He had a border marker in the back of his yard – and two different times convicts had run through his back yard to try and escape Switzerland!!!

        • Jessica Bennett says

          Wow, that’s interesting! Did the convicts make it or were they caught? Did your uncle help catch them? Or help them? Or just ignore them? Sorry, my brain is coming up with interesting stories based on your comment.

  9. If you like somebody, you could also say “je t’aime bien”. But it’s true that you could say “j’aime la pluie” “j’aime les gens sympas” “j’aime le fromage” “j’aime mes enfants” and it could either be I like or I love.
    I would add to the list of food, all the “viennoiseries” and “pâtisseries” ; last time we went to Paul’s (maybe you know the name ?) I tasted what looked like an “éclair à la vanille”, but lighter, with a layer of crême pâtissière, of whipped cream, all lined with raspberries. Divine !

    • Sasha Martin says

      True – which I think is even funnier – to state that you only “like” someone, you add the word “well/good” – which emphasizes it even more.

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