A Little Perspective from Djibouti (with poll)


I don't know about you, but I cook standing up. I never gave it any thought until today. It's just what I do in my daily cooking routine. To add some pizzaz to my routine I even bought an apron. It has a sage green floral print and makes me look very tidy. Until you look down and see that I'm wearing fuzzy slippers (shh, don't tell Fly Lady). So, what does this have to do with Djbouti? Just the other day, American blogger "Djibouti Jones" had a friend over for dinner. A Djiboutian … [Read more...]

Recipe: Rainbow Rice Palau (Dyed Rice)


Serves 6-8 I could confetti dozens (hundreds!) of newlyweds with all the rice we've made for our Adventures around the world. While they've all been incredible, I'm here to tell you that Rainbow Rice takes the cake for beauty, novelty, and fun factor. Want your own festival on a plate? Here are 5 important tips to making perfect Rainbow Rice: Only use one or two colors to dye the rice. Any more becomes a bit... chaotic. Make a theme out of it - pink for a baby shower, red and green for … [Read more...]

Drink your way around the world this New Year’s Eve


A little bonus post, in honor of New Year's Eve... Global Table-style! My party days are long over (unless you count staying up all night with a sick baby). Still, I appreciate a good drink on a special occasion. When it comes to New Year's Eve, I'm in bed long before the ball drops - I don't even stay up to watch it on TV (I don't have one). Last year I went to bed at 10pm. I'm aware that I'm developing elderly tendencies a little too soon. I'm aware that I'm incredibly unhip. But my … [Read more...]

Menu: Djibouti


Food coloring fun,  one-sided "pancakes," and one pot wonders... we've made it to Djibouti. This east African country really has a way with flavors - rich, bold, and warmly spiced - yet so simple to put together. I mean, what cook wouldn't love a whole grain "pancake" that you don't have to flip? I'm officially in love.  Even Mr. Picky wasn't so picky this week. And that's a good thing. Rainbow Rice Palau (Dyed Rice) [Recipe] Brighten up the dinner table with the vivid colors of Rainbow … [Read more...]

About the Food of Djibouti


Djibouti: if you're pronouncing the name of this African country right, English-speaking people will raise their eyebrows. Try it out - "dja booty." The word has had endless inappropriate puns associated with it. But let's move past the unusual name... to the unusual food situation. According to doctor's without borders, less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the small, arid landscape can be farmed. As a result, most food is imported and expensive. I've read accounts of eggs costing seven … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Houses from Around the World!


Power tools, fireplaces, and an entire town made of "gingerbread" - today is all about gingerbread. First up, the winning entry to our Global Gingerbread Contest: Here's the story behind her house: As a recent graduate with a degree in European History and a concentration in Slavonic/East European Studies, I really wanted my "international/foreign" house to reflect that region. While I originally hoped to incorporate some designs common to Psyanki or Wycinanki (aka, ornately dyed easter … [Read more...]

Save Christmas with 3 Dishes From Around the World


Mayday, mayday! I opened and closed the fridge about 10 ten times. Nothing to eat. Nothing to offer guests.  Each time I peered in, I hoped for a different result (there had to be something in there besides baby yogurt and beets... seriously) but ... nope... there I was - December 22 - with a full house and no nom noms or drinks. To be fair, I wasn't expecting three dear friends to drop by all at once (one of which hadn't had breakfast or lunch due to a busy, busy morning) ... but then … [Read more...]

10 Fabulous Finger Foods from Around the World (a.k.a. Party Food)


I'd rather not eat pancakes if I have to use a knife and fork.  I much prefer tearing them into small, irregular pieces before dipping - just barely - into maple syrup and taking a bite. Licking my fingers completes the happy process. Yes... I love eating with my fingers (don't you?). And, from what I've read, I'm in good company around the world. Here's ten international, absolutely fabulous ideas to get you through this finger-lickin' party season. 1. Camarao Grelhado Piri Piri … [Read more...]