Getting started again!

Hello All! Thank you for your warm wishes and concern. Although I spent 7 days with a fever - always over 100F, and often 102-103F - I am fully recovered and feeling great! We'll be starting up our Adventure again tomorrow. Yay! :) Ava and Keith took wonderful care of me - stepping in with hugs, kisses, and cool wash cloths as needed - especially while on our mini vacation in Beaver's Bend. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have gone out of town but I was just.... itching for a … [Read more...]

Doctor’s Orders


Greetings Adventurers.  Mr. Picky Eater here.  Sasha is down for the count with a virus of some sort.  She's running a temperature off and on up to 103° and not able to participate in any activity other than rest or delirium.  Hopefully we'll see you next Tuesday where we'll be doubling up to make up for lost time. Please take a tour through our archives this week. You can use the calendar on the right to read all the posts we've written, from the beginning of February! You can also look … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Cape Verde


My mom used to slather up dates with cream cheese for us kids. I hated the roach-looking things and never could stomach one. So, what exactly posessed me to try the avocado and date dip is beyond me. I suppose I'm trying to keep it real. Stretch my horizons. Expand my palate. Well, guess what? It worked. The sweet hint of dates actually works inside avocado! Hurrah. Score one for team Sasha. But no way I'll ever eat a date with cream cheese. That battle's long been … [Read more...]

Recipe: Coconut Milk Chiller


Serves 2 Intended to be drunk cool, but not cold, our creamy Cape Verdean chiller will transport you to the islands. A favorite with Cape Verdean children.  The coconut is a common ingredient in the Cape Verde islands -in the 1600's the coconut was already being transported to America via west African and Cape Verde... (source)  NOTE: If you add ice or refrigerate this drink the coconut milk will congeal. Ingredients: 1 cup coconut milk 2 cups milk cinnamon, for … [Read more...]

Recipe: Creamy Avocado and Date Dip/Spread


Serves 2-4 as a dip 4-6 as a sandwich spread This dip/spread is a happy blend of sweet and creamy. In Cape Verde, they call this a salad and serve it with shrimp or prawn nestled on top. Personally, I like it spread on a hot turkey panini. If you want to add a kick of flavor, splash in a capful of brandy. (We omitted this step so that Ava could sample the dish). According to Duffy in Cape Verde: "Cape Verdeans put sugar on [avocados], and not just a little bit of sugar but so much sugar … [Read more...]

Recipe: Coconut Milkshake


Serves 2 Slurping this Cape Verdean inspired coconut milkshake is a lesson in the happy things sugar can do for us. The cinnamon sticks are the best part - as you dunk them in the milkshake and lick them clean, the cinnamon flavor fills your mouth. Try it! Please note:  this recipe is just for fun - inspired by the authentic recipe from Cape Verde for Coconut Milk. You'd be more likely to find this at a resort on the island than in someone's home. Ingredients: 3 cups ice cream 3/4 … [Read more...]

Video Saturday: Cape Verde

Here's your friendly Saturday video, showing you how Cape Verde makes grog. httpv:// And here's a bit of Cape Verdean scenery: httpv:// … [Read more...]

Fun Fact Friday: Cape Verde (with poll)

sasha with ava

We're shipping off to Beaver's Bend for a much desired, talked about, planned, dreamed about, already paid for ... long weekend. There's only one problem - the entire trip reeks of doom. Here are three reasons why: 1. Ava loves her crib and room. This, in turn, means that Ava does not love any other cribs or rooms. Upon placement in a foreign crib, she immediately morphs into insomniac zombie baby. 2. Ava is teething and has been waking up shrieking bloody murder several times a night, for … [Read more...]