Month: March 2010


Menu: Australia

This weekend will be the biggest Global Table party yet. We’re opening our home to 15 motorcycle buddies (plus their kids). We’ve chosen to have a classic Aussie Pot Luck Barbie – otherwise known as a barbecue – for our adventure. I’ll be making a combination of modern and traditional favorites for the barbie: Snags (Bratwurst Sausage) This sausage is popular at Aussie BBQs. Cook on a hot grill for about 25 minutes or until done. Kangaroo Loin Bites with Fresh Mango & Pineapple [Recipe] (Yes, I managed to find Kangaroo in Tulsa, Oklahoma) Lean kangaroo meat benefits from a long marinade in mango puree. Aussie Burgers [Recipe] Hamburger topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickled beets, pineapple, and a fried egg Damper Bread [Recipe] Old fashioned campfire bread made with milk and sugar. In the spirit of a pot luck, my guests brought Lamingtons (cake rolled in chocolate frosting and coconut), Bacon Wrapped Baked Potatoes, Deviled Eggs, Pavlova, Asparagus with Hollandaise, Salad with Lentils and Goat Cheese, Fosters Beer, Yellow Tail Wine, biscuits (cookies), and more! We …


About Australian Food and Tucker

Let’s play a little game. Imagine the United States. Cut out about 20% of the land. Now, say goodbye to 93% of the population. Everyone vanishes except the people of New York State. That’s Australia. A massive country with very few people. *** 1. Australia is one of the world’s greatest melting pots. Around 1/3 of this great nation is sand and wind. A literal melting pot, the scorching desert pushes almost 90% of the population to urban centers like Sidney and Melbourne where they frequent cafes, markets, and pubs. And who are these Australians? Nearly 25% of Australia’s population was born in the  U.K., Italy, China, Vietnam, North Africa, or the Middle East (Countries of the World, Kate Turner). When so many diverse cultures mix in urban settings, looking for great food, the result is fusion. 2. Traditional Bush Tucker comes from the Outback Bush Tucker is food that can be found while living off the land, in the sizzling hot Outback. Not many Australians eat off the land any more (most of them are in …


Monday Meal Review: Armenia

  This is meal #8 in my personal challenge to eat one meal from every country in the world. Before I get into the Armenian review, I want to mention a few words about hosting dinner parties. Hosting dinner parties is a lot of work if you don’t have much experience. In terms of food you have to: – Go shopping – Cook the food – Serve the food at the right temperature But, I find, far more stress is spent on cleaning than on food: – Clean the inevitable disaster areas around the house – Clean the kitchen that you just destroyed before guests arrive (including mopping up crumbs and spills scattered on the floor). If you don’t do this someone will definitely walk into the kitchen. It’s Murphy’s Law. – Empty the dishwasher so that, when the party is over, you actually have somewhere to put all the dirty dishes. – Set the table, being sure to remember appropriate items for each course – Get those nasty dishwasher spots off your glassware With each …


Armenian Bulgur Pilaf Salad | Itch

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