Salad Niçoise

How to make Salad Niçoise.

There’s nothing like a mid-winter picnic, especially if Salad Niçoise is part of the equation.

The other day my daughter asked if we could eat dinner outside. It was sunny, the temperature in the mid-sixties. My answer? Most definitely. We bundled up – each in a cozy sweater – and set up our colorful spread on the scraggly winter landscape.

How to make Salad Niçoise.
How to make Salad Niçoise.

For the Salad Niçoise, I took my inspiration from Julia Child and piled on delicately steamed French beans, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, and everything deliciously funky: Tuna, olives, capers and a few anchovies (for salty chew). A handful of crackers with cheese completed dinner (though a hunk of crusty bread would be nice, too).

How to make Salad Niçoise.

My husband flashed us all back to his “Mr Picky” days as he struggled to down one solitary anchovy. He did the work but remains unconvinced of their merits. My daughter escaped the challenge since she’s a self-proclaimed vegetarian, focusing her efforts instead on the vegetables and cheese (for protein). As for myself, I ate everything.

While we enjoyed our meal, the sun sunk behind our neighbors’ rooftop (taking the warmth with it). Our fingers gradually chilled until we found ourselves laughing, rushing our blanket and plates inside before dusk turned the invigorating air into brittle chill.

We finished our picnic indoors, huddled around the coffee table.

How to make Salad Niçoise.

Even though our winter picnic lasted a mere fifteen minutes, it was just the sort of spontaneous fun needed to break up the winter doldrums.

How to make Salad Niçoise.

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How to make Salad Niçoise.

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Salad Niçoise

Serves 6


For the dressing:

2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 shallot, minced (a small one will do nicely)
1 teaspoon dijon mustard (heaping)
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2/3 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspooon pepper

For the salad:

1lb baby potatoes, boiled then halved
1lb green beans, steamed and shocked in cold water
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 head butter lettuce
4 eggs, hard-boiled and sliced in half
oil-cured black olives
1-2 cans tuna


For the dressing:

I like to make the salad dressing first so the shallots and garlic have time to infuse the vinegar mixture.I just add all ingredients to a small jelly jar and shake, shake, shake.

How to make Salad Niçoise.

For the eggs:

I place mine in a small pot, cover with cold water and turn the heat on high. 13 minutes later they come out perfectly. Here’s my nifty trick for perfectly sliced hard-boiled eggs.

For the potatoes and green beans:

Depending on the size of the baby potatoes, they can be cooked with the green beans (just remove the green beans with tongs if the potatoes aren’t done when the green beans are). I find both took 9-10 minutes at a boil. Shock the green beans in cold water to stop them from turning muddy.

How to make Salad Niçoise. How to make Salad Niçoise.

Once the potatoes are cooked, slice in half and toss with a few tablespoons of dressing (while still warm). In a separate bowl, do the same with the cold green beans and tomatoes.

(Adding vinaigrette to each ingredient makes for a perfectly seasoned composed salad. If you’re just going to toss everything together simply wait until serving time to add the dressing).

To assemble the salad:

Layer some lettuce on a large platter. Mound the potatoes in the center.

How to make Salad Niçoise.

Arrange the green beans in 6 bundles around the outside. Add the tomatoes and eggs in a decorative fashion.

 How to make Salad Niçoise. How to make Salad Niçoise.

Finish with a mound of tuna in the center, along with olives, capers, and some anchovies.

How to make Salad Niçoise.

Serve with extra dressing on the side.

Bon Appétit!

How to make Salad Niçoise.

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Delicately steamed French beans, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, and everything deliciously funky: Tuna, olives, capers and a few anchovies (for salty chew). A handful of crackers with cheese complete dinner.Salad Niçoise
  1. Add all ingredients to a lidded jar and shake.
  1. Layer some lettuce on a large platter. Mound the potatoes in the center.
  2. Arrange the green beans in 6 bundles around the outside. Add the tomatoes and eggs in a decorative fashion.
  3. Finish with a mound of tuna in the center, along with olives, capers, and some anchovies.
  4. Serve with extra dressing on the side.

Recipe Copyright Sasha Martin, Global Table Adventure. For personal or educational use only.


  1. Alexandra says

    I discovered this salad after marrying my Frenchman! Now, salade nicoise is our favorite go-to picnic salad or hearty summer company salad. Without the proper dressing, the salad is a complete flop…and the green bean cold water bath is a must! Try it without the anchovies and it’s even better (shhh…don’t tell the French)!

    • Without the anchovies? Do not listen to this lady who just commented above, she’s trouble:)
      The anchovies add some depth to the dish. I used to eat a salade Niçoise every weekend while living in Provence. They’re great during spring and summer or anytime the weather is nice.
      And in Nice the weather is always nice!

  2. Jennifer says

    Hi Sasha!
    A few weeks ago I heard a small portion of an interview you did and was so excited to look up your website. What a fantastic concept and wonderful execution of it! I have always integrated meals and flavors from various cultures and encouraged my kids to see beyond their comfort zone to the world around them. I applaud you for successfully completing round one of your journey and taking us all with you! Thank you for being willing to open your home and heart to us. And, of course, the dishes I’ve tried so far have been delicious!

  3. I pretty much pre-ordered your book as soon as I knew it existed. Also, I think salad nicoise is going to have to be on the menu this week. 🙂

  4. I preordered your book as soon as I found that it was available. I am so looking forward to it. I admire your sense of adventure when it comes to eating & the wonderful education that your daughter has received with your cooking meals from different countries.

  5. I’ll be pre-ordering later today and also hope to see you at the Wellsley or Boston book tour stops. Bring boots when you come, we have so much snow here now that it will certainly still be on the ground in March!

  6. Sherjh says

    So excited your book is published. Knowing your blog, ordered sight unseen for me and for presents. My comment on this lushious looking salad… I’d have to agree with “Mr Picky” on the anchovies. To them and to sardines, I have to say, “NO.” But that being said, I am always grateful to my college friend who introduced me to authentic Caesar Salad by begging, “Please just try it, you can,t even taste them.” And she was right and that was almost 40 years ago.

  7. Rita Tolcin says

    Love the plates you served the salad on. Can’t wait to get your book. Rita

  8. Jane H. says

    I’ve preordered a copy for Annie (I know you’ll autograph it!), and we’re aiming to meet you at Third Place Books in Seattle in March. Can’t wait! Until then, we’ll enjoy the website. It’s the kind of information that needs more exposure–like school newsletters. (Check!)

  9. Mary S. says

    Hi Sasha,

    We met you in Tulsa twice and have been eagerly looking forward to your book ever since. The “GTA” at the museum was a truly wonderful afternoon, and dinner during the Food Network taping has added to our interest. The Tulsa signing is already on the calendar!

  10. Nikki says

    Most certainly ordered the book from the very first announcement! Will your book tour bring you to Northern California? Would love to have my copy autographed!

  11. Simone says

    That looks delicious!!! I wish we could have picnics, but we have about two feet of snow on the ground 😉 might have to try an indoor picnic! Can’t wait for the book!!!

  12. Pam the Goatherd says

    That salad looks soooooo yummy! Since the temps are dipping down below zero this week in my neighborhood I’ll have to forego the picnic outside, though. Even with cozy sweaters, I don’t think we’d be very comfortable sitting in the snowbanks!

  13. Carol Nickelson says

    Sasha- I may have two books ordered now… will have to check in the morning… 🙂 I have been proud of your journey (which came into my world early in your “travels”) around our cultures and your evolution from a Mom with a mission to a woman serving the world on a platter- or bowl. May we each make a table of food to share with friends, families, etc. where ever we are from, where ever the world finds us calling “home” this day.

  14. Shana Jewsbury says

    I ordered your book today. I listened to your interview with Rick Steves on the way home from church about a month ago and it really intrigued me. I teach my students about a new country in the world every two weeks. I would like to include recipes from your book with my lessons. I don’t know that we will cook through every country but we are going to give it a shot. I see your book tour is going to bring you to Third Place Books in Seattle. We hope to meet you there and have you sign our book.

  15. Jen Carlstrom says

    Congratulations on your book! It looks amazing. I love to see all of your great food, photos and adorable family photos. Thanks for sharing! I just ordered your book and look forward to reading!

  16. BEAUTIFUL salad!! It would certainly be a wonderful picnic salad on a sunny day, but I think it would be a nice nod to spring to help you through the winter doldrums. BTW, I have pre-ordered!

  17. Brandi Houser says

    Pre-order done!!! I can’t wait to read it! I’ve been fascinated by your adventure so far and can’t wait to follow along for this one and the next … and the next … and the next. 🙂

  18. Paula Udwin says

    My book is ordered!! Looking forward to release day!!!! Congratulations!!!

  19. Theresa Garton says

    Best wishes, Sasha!! I love your blog – you are a very gifted writer.

  20. Diana says

    Love Salad Nicoise! It’s a summertime favorite here. I’ve asked my library to order your book.

  21. Great looking salad and winter picnic! My daughter is vegetarian too, she’s 8.

  22. Hi Sasha,
    I’m from Nice and we are very sensitive about our dear salad… There are no potatoes, no green beans, no capers, no lettuce, no shallot and no mustard in a real salade niçoise.
    The ingredients are : tomatoes (not too ripe), artichokes and/or fava beans, radishes or cébettes, anchovies or tuna, olives de Nice, hard boiled eggs, poivrons salade (special green peppers only found around the Mediterranean), olive oil, salt, pepper, a bit of basil and a drop of red vinegar.
    Here is what it should look like :

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thanks Camille – this was an adaptation of Julia Child’s version – I clarified that in the recipe. Love seeing the real deal though, too!

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