These are the priorities that guide my days:

Quality > Stuff

Creativity > Assembly line

Stillness > Scrolling

Inner peace > Outer perfectionism

Love > Control

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  1. Hello Sasha!

    I recently ran into and found it fascinating that so many people are willing to share with the world what they’re doing on a simple “now” page. It’s a little thing, but I think it speaks volume about these people. And there are *hundreds* of pages there!

    Since your page was one of them, I figured I’d send you a message and ask you a simple question:

    “If you were to give a single piece of advice to a friend who’s just starting his or her career, what would your advice be?”

    I’m compiling the answers I get to this question into a giant list and sharing it online. I think a compilation of the advice of hundreds of creative people would be a very interesting read!

    If you want in, just reply to this message with an answer. You can be as short or detailed as you like. I’ll include your name and a link to any website you want along with your answer (unless you want to remain anonymous). Think of it as a little publicity boost.

    I won’t bug you with this again. Hope to hear back from you!

    All the best,

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