My little DIY grout recoloring

I went ahead and said goodbye to my old 70’s grout and brought my kitchen into the new millenium. I couldn’t imagine spending the money to re-tile, as the current tile is nice and in perfectly good condition. My problems were all about the grout.

I found a product at Home Depot applied it by hand about 5 hours. I loved the results, but I think this hinges on the fact that my tile is very close in color to the grout color I picked. Any little messes are totally disguised. We will be going over the tiles in the next few days with a razor blade to scrape off any other little messes, as well as with touch ups where the color got a bit thin.

Total project cost:

$11 for grout renew
$5 for a squeeze bottle with wheel-thingy (you’ll find it near the grout renew)
$0 for an old toothbrush

Tip: break the work up over several days to keep yourself from rushing and getting messier and messier (that’s excactly what I did and I wish I would have slowed down). Also, it was great to do all the vertical lines first, that way, when I did the horizontals the impact was huge as section by section was done!

Can’t wait to cook more of the world A-Z from my happy new kitchen.

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