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Globally inspired New Year’s Drinks for your every mood

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, I’m moody. Some years I want to stay up all night, partying with all the time zones, the whole world over. Some years I am so tired I can’t even stay up to watch the ball drop on TV.  More often than not, I’m snoring by 10 p.m. The nice thing about cooking the world is learning that there is most definitely a drink for every mood, no matter what time you drink it – no matter if you’re in a crowd or totally (and happily) alone. So, come along, no matter how you feel, or how you celebrate – let’s get moody this New Year’s … with a global drink from the far corners of the world, just right for where you are right now. Mood #1: The Homebody Feeling sick? Tired? Needing to curl up in a comforter and watch the ball drop from your living room? Try Hot Honey Lemon Vodka from Kyrgyzstan. You’ll be cozy as a clam and happy to boot. Plus the warm drink will …

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Global Gingerbread Winners!

I hope you had a happy n’ fab weekend with family and friends. Today, let’s celebrate the world via gingerbread! Our gracious judges, Jenny Buccos from Project Explorer and Karen Chan from Globetrotter Diaries  were so kind to look over the Gingerbread for Peace entries and came up with 3 exceptional winners. The winners will earn hundreds in prizes, including gifts from AFAR Magazine, La Mer Collection, and donations to charities of choice. I’m so, so, so excited for them! In third place, we have The Chrysler Building by Molly Kitchen.  It is rare to see a gingerbread in black and white, but Molly pulled it off in style. Her beautiful structure shows great craftsmanship and we love that she put thought into how the Chrysler building related to the world as a whole. In Molly’s words: The Chrysler Building is one of the worlds most recognized and renowned art deco masterpieces. Its clean lines and terraced crown grace the New York skyline. The buildings simplistic and dynamic style serves as inspiration for this towering gingerbread house. As a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, …

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My very global Christmas menu is… vegan!

Sometimes I have my act together. Like Thanksgiving. I was pretty well organized and knew what I wanted to make way ahead of time. I had a grocery list two weeks before necessary and practically had everything timed out to the minute. Not today. I am still desperately trying to figure out what to make for our big holiday dinner in just a few days. Mom”s been mostly vegan these last couple of years days so I’m thinking we’ll have mostly vegan and vegetarian dishes, with one or two other treats, for Keith and I. So here are the contenders… Side Dishes: There’s a half ton of great vegan side dishes around the world. Many of my favorites are from back before I had figured out how to take a nice picture or write an entertaining post. However,  the recipes still taste great and are worth consideration. I’ll have my mom pick one or two of these: Mediterranean Roast Veggies (Briam) [Recipe] First up is this layered casserole from our Cypriot Global Table. I love it …

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A week of global celebrations

We’re taking a week to celebrate. To smile and laugh. To throw imaginary snowballs. To sing songs at the top of  lungs, despite the fact that we don’t know all the lyrics. To quote Ava: “we wish you, we wish you… we … wish you…WE WISH YOU!!!” (She’s working on memorizing the rest) I’m also going to share some great Global tidbits with you throughout the week. Here’s the itinerary: Global holiday menu ideas Sneak peak of our very own Global Table Adventure reusable shopping bags (!) Global New Year’s ideas Winners of our Gingerbread for Peace competition Meanwhile, feel free to browse the interactive map filled with countries I’ve cooked. And be sure to check out our halfway video. Spread the love!

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11 Global Gifts for Your Very Global Black Friday

While I am a stuff-my-face-with-turkey-and-gratitude kind of gal, I’m decidedly not a get-up-at-three-am-to-go-shopping kind of gal. Still, I love the satisfaction of finding just the right gift for just the right person. After all, what’s better than a moment like this, when you open up an entire world with a simple book … … or when you can practically smell the flowers of the world when you turn the page… … or when you get lost in a dream of snuggling in a hammock bed… … yes, just the right gift is worth a little looking. But can we just do it after breakfast, please? Or maybe next week? Thanks. YOUR  VERY GLOBAL GIFT GUIDE (Click the titles for more information)  Welcome to my list of globally inspired holiday gifts. It’s a hodge-podge of items, with a heavy emphasis on gifts for the very young child. Because, let’s face it, that’s my life right now. P.S. See if your local shops carry these items. You might be surprised.   1. COMAL GRIDDLE I purchased a carbon steel comal griddle at my …

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Gingerbread Cuteness; Celebrating our Local Winner

I’d like to frost my hair. Not in the 80’s “cool-hip-extra-frosted-spiky-tips” way, but with actual frosting. That way I could nibble on my hair whenever I got peckish. And, if given the choice, I definitely would live in a gingerbread house, like the witch in Hansel and Gretel. But I wouldn’t be a witch; I’d simply eat candy all day long. And lots, and lots of frosting. Today, in the spirit of all things frosting and candy, I give you the winner of the local division of our Gingerbread for Peace. Yay! Hurrah! Clap, clap, clap! P.S. You can still enter the contest (the remaining prize packages exceed $500 value) and look at the gallery of entries (cute, cute, cuteness). Get your gingerbread on for peace! “FEASTING AT THE GLOBAL BANQUET” Winner of the “Best in Tulsa” Philbrook Prize Package by Girl Scout Troop 94 Everything about this entry was spot on. It emphasized harmony…   … and peace… Wait, back up. Was that chow mein with a pair of chop sticks?! Yes, yes it was. In fact, this …

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Our Globally Inspired Thanksgiving

Hi Friends! This week we’re taking a break from our A-Z cooking Adventures for the week. I’m not sure what to make of that. I feel sort of exposed. Vulnerable. Like I’m in one of those dreams in which I am not dressed appropriately for the situation. Like… at all. At this point, 2 years into the Adventure, I feel like I should constantly be cooking something crazy wonderful for you to enjoy – for us to enjoy! But, here’s the thing… we have several important matters to attend to this week and I want to give each matter it’s proper due.   This is the big one! We’re coming up on our halfway mark! We’re rounding the corner to the downhill treck! It’s amazing and you’re amazing for being a part of this journey. I so appreciate you and your support. We have a super-cute winning gingerbread house from Tulsa to celebrate (don’t worry, you can still enter for the big prizes!). I can’t say too much, but you are going to love, love, …

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Latvian Birthday Cake | Klingeris

  Birthdays are fun but birth days are even more so. Family and friends hugging, smiling, crying – everyone in wide eyed at the wonder of a new child’s most innocent gaze. Since Keith’s grandson was born last week, I thought it appropriate to make a birthday cake in his honor. I sought out such a thing in Latvia,only to find something very unexpected. Latvians have a tradition of baking pretzel-shaped sweet bread – not exactly cake – and topping it with candles. The Klingeris, as its called, can be used to celebrate birthdays and name days – which, as it sounds, is the day dedicated to celebrating your particular name. From what I’ve read, Latvians celebrate name days with gifts and parties, and often these celebrations are even larger than their standard birthday celebrations. So let’s get to celebrating, Latvian-style. Welcome to the world, little Kaiden Ray. Recipe inspired by Latvia (Cultures of the World, Second), in which this treat is called by the more Scandinavian name Kringel) Makes 1 large pretzel Ingredients: 2 tsp yeast 1/2 …

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Certain times call for celebration. Babies. Birthdays. Finding the love of your life. Daydreaming about the love of your life. When a light turns green at the exact right moment, before you have to apply the brakes. For those times, I present Machboos. Take a dive off the deep end with this beloved Kuwaiti dish that boasts warm hits of cinnamon, turmeric, saffron mingled with sweet caramelized onions and raisins. We made ours with chicken, but you can also make it with fish or lamb. If you get a big enough chicken it can feed a happy collection of people (about 4-6). For our version the traditional preparation involves simmering the chicken in fragrant water (which is then used to make the rice). Next, we rub the chicken with more seasoning and pop it in the oven to brown. All kinds of flavor goodness. It took me to happy town, and it can take you there, too. Ingredients: To simmer the chicken: 1 whole chicken 2 bay leaves 1 cinnamon stick 3 cloves 3 cardamom pods …

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DIY Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony | Bunna Ceremony

Coffee is said to have originated in Ethiopia. Today Ethiopian coffee ceremonies are common after large meals, even at restaurants. Women will roast beans in front of the guests. Then she’ll grind the beans, perfuming the room, and brew them in a clay coffee pot, or jebena. The coffee is served in small cups called si’ni. Diners have their choice of salt or sugar. Traditionally, every guest is offered 3 cupfuls- the same grounds being brewed each time, making each consecutive cup weaker. My Rendition At best, I was ill-prepared to perform an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. #1, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. #2, I lack every single piece of traditional Ethiopian coffee-making equipment there could possibly be. In fact, the only proper element I have is a bag of green coffee beans. Tilda’s parents brought them all the way over from Ethiopia, known as the birthplace of coffee. At least the coffee was right. I got to work, putting my college nickname “MacGyver” to good use. What follows are the results of a free-spirited, improvisational coffee …

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Dyed Rice | Rainbow Rice Palau

Serves 6-8 I could confetti dozens (hundreds!) of newlyweds with all the rice we’ve made for our Adventures around the world. While they’ve all been incredible, I’m here to tell you that Rainbow Rice takes the cake for beauty, novelty, and fun factor. Want your own festival on a plate? Here are 5 important tips to making perfect Rainbow Rice: Only use one or two colors to dye the rice. Any more becomes a bit… chaotic. Make a theme out of it – pink for a baby shower, red and green for Christmas, orange and red for Thanksgiving, etc. Only dye a little bit of rice (maybe 1/4 cup of cooked rice per color) so that the dominant color is white. Use a lot of dye for a more dramatic effect. To avoid color bleeding: let the dyed rice air out and finish steaming before mixing with the other rice. It helps to dye the rice from the top of the pot, which is naturally drier than the rice at the bottom of the pot. …

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Drink your way around the world this New Year’s Eve

A little bonus post, in honor of New Year’s Eve… Global Table-style! My party days are long over (unless you count staying up all night with a sick baby). Still, I appreciate a good drink on a special occasion. When it comes to New Year’s Eve, I’m in bed long before the ball drops – I don’t even stay up to watch it on TV (I don’t have one). Last year I went to bed at 10pm. I’m aware that I’m developing elderly tendencies a little too soon. I’m aware that I’m incredibly unhip. But my cushy, cozy, amaaaazing bed is just too tempting, especially when my eyelids are drooping. And, for what it’s worth, Mr. Picky agrees. Whether you are a big drinker or not, New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to educate yourself about international customs and try something new. I’ve run across several tasty drinks on my culinary tour of the world; here’s a quick rundown of some beverages you might try this New Year’s Eve (whatever you do… please, please, please, be …

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