Monday Meal Review: Grenada


THE SCENE: I was almost asleep when it hit me. My eyes popped open. "Did you put the Oil Down away?" I asked. "The what?" Keith replied, groggily. "The Oil Down. The stew?" I waited, blinded by the piercing blue glow radiating from my alarm clock. "No?" I shut my eyes tightly and shook my head. Keith always answers my questions with a question when I'm upset. "How long has it been out?" he asked. I didn't answer. "Is it still good?" "No." I felt tears well up in my … [Read more...]

Recipe: 1 2 3 4 Caribbean Rum Punch

grenada.img_0621 much as you can handle! I'm no mixologist, so I love when there's a clear cut way to mix a drink, such as with the ever-mighty Rum Punch. The recipe is easy to remember, as long as you can count to four. You'll need 1 part sour, 2 parts sweet, 3 parts strong, 4 parts weak. As for what specific ingredients to use? That's where you get to be creative. Take "Sweet" for example: that could be a sugar syrup or a naturally sweet fruit juice. You get to choose. I went for a … [Read more...]

Recipe: Oil Down with Yucca (vegan)


Serves 6 Stressed out? Time for a Caribbean Oil Down - and I don't mean massage. This heavy duty dish is made by stewing cassava or bread fruit in coconut milk and curry. The result is a thick, indulgent stew worthy of any party. Our version is vegan, but pork bits are typical. With such rich ingredients, Oil Down seems more suited to a ski slope than a beach party, but, still, Grenadians eat this dish in their bathing suits. Brave, brave people. Oil Down is so rich that you may be able to … [Read more...]

Recipe: Spinners & Sinkers (Caribbean Dumplings)


Makes about 10 Perhaps you've had a rough week. Perhaps you need a little comfort. The time is right... come over my friends; let's make a batch of Spinners & Sinkers. I thought I knew what a dumpling was until I met a batch of Caribbean Spinners and Sinkers. They don't look like any dumpling I've ever had. They are long and gently tapered, which causes them to sink and spin and dance while they cook in simmering water. Traditional dumplings just bob and float. Spinners and Sinkers are … [Read more...]

How to walk like a Grenadian (w/ poll)


If you're thinking this pale green fruit is sweet and unassuming, think again. By the time she turns soft and golden, she will pop open to reveal her true personality and it's rather punk rock. First of all, there's the vivid red mace which seems to slither and snake around the fruit's dark inner shell. Despite the strange appearance, people try and eat mace both for it's mild flavor and vivid color. Then, once you break open the hard casing, there's the most floral fragrant goodness your … [Read more...]

Recipe: Ever-so Nutmeg Ice Cream


Makes 1 1/2 quarts Pull up a chair. I have a secret to tell you. You are missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures if you've never made homemade ice cream. I've spent many a summer day hovering over a spinning, whirring ice cream machine...  waiting - rather impatiently- for the liquid to solidify into creamy goodness, just so I can eat it up with a spoon directly out of the container. The milk and cream mixture completes its glorious transformation in less than thirty minutes in a … [Read more...]

Menu: Grenada


Say hello to our menu, inspired by Grenada's sandy beaches and lively seaside parties. While I've wished (over and over again) that Oklahoma had a shoreline, the best thing I can do for now is to have beach parties without the beach. I know it's a stretch but, if it's particularly windy, the Oklahoma wind almost sounds like the ocean... and then I don't miss Cape Cod and Boston nearly so much. If you haven't already guessed, let me just say - we do a lot of imagining in our house. Case in … [Read more...]

About the food of Grenada


Have you ever known someone who is so lovely that, even if they were caught in a rainstorm, they'd still be stunning? Someone who never wears lipstick and mascara, but still manages to draw eyes from across the room? Welcome to Grenada. Pretty, no matter what the weather. And trust me, she's had her test of hurricanes. Known as the spice island, Grenada has it all - from clear waters to winding mountain paths, and from tropical jungle waterfalls to bustling town markets. As for what's in … [Read more...]