Go Global with 8 Edible Hiding Spots for your Easter Eggs


An Easter Tradition Easter Eggs are a thing in our house. We dye them. We decorate them. We gobble them up in two's (it's funny how a purple or green shell can make an ordinary egg taste eggstraordinary). When I was little Mom hid these boiled treats in the yard and, after we found them we ate them, still-warm from the sun. Today plastic eggs have taken over - probably because of one too many tummy aches after an overly hot Easter. But the kids don't seem to notice; they scramble to collect … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Greece


THE SCENE: "No matter what happens in the kitchen, never apologize." - Julia Child, Appetite for Life Thirty-four candles flickered on the stone wall planter around us. Six tealights danced on the table before us. The moon was out of sight, floating somewhere above the trees. I reached for my glass of wine, feeling a warm summer breeze brush my arm, as if to say "hello." Friday night. Four friends, sharing food in the calm peace that comes with not having to answer to anyone or … [Read more...]

Recipe: Authentic Greek Village Salad (Horiatiki)


Serves 4 Mr Picky's eyes bulged when I told him that an authentic Greek salad does not include lettuce. "I thought all salads had to have lettuce," he said. I went down the list of ingredients, playing up what might be my favorite salad in the world, simply in the hopes of converting him. He hate olives and vinegar, and barely tolerates tomatoes, so it was a tough sell. Still, Greek salads are on my short list. In New England you can get one at almost every restaurant. Here, in Tulsa, … [Read more...]

Recipe: Grilled Greek-Style Lamb


Serves 4 When I started this Adventure I was seriously grill-challenged. Today, I am a new woman. I've learned how marinades can transform bland meat into craveable hunks of goodness, as with the intensely lemony Georgian Chicken recipe we made a few weeks ago. And now, today, I bring you Greek lamb... I would choose to eat these lamb chops over eating out any day of the week. The key is to slowly marinate the meat until it practically tingles from the inside out with garlic, lemon and a … [Read more...]

Recipe: Greek Yogurt with Honey


Makes 1 serving I'll try every dish at least one time thanks, in great part, to this humble dessert. I first had it on my 8th grade class trip to Greece, during a day trip to the Delphi ruins. The road weaved and bobbed through dark green forests that clung to the mountainsides. I, too, was dark green by the time we stopped for lunch at a quaint restaurant nestled under a cliff. Unfortunately - or fortunately - Greek food awaited. There was no time to be sick. While I have no memory of … [Read more...]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cheesiest of them all? (w/ poll)


You wouldn't know it by looking at them, but the Greeks love cheese almost as much as the air they breathe. They are seriously cheesy. So cheesy, in fact... well... let's see if you can follow this: The average Greek woman weighs somewhere around 60 kg. The average Greek eats 25 kg of cheese per year. Therefore, we can safely conclude that the average Greek woman eats almost half her weight in cheese every year (just over 40%). Epic. I must move to Greece immediately and catch up for … [Read more...]

Recipe: Spanakopita (Spinach & Feta in Phyllo)


Makes about 18 triangles While I probably ate Spanakopita in Greece, I can't be completely sure. You see, I was much too busy singing "Some say love" to my first boyfriend while walking around ancient ruins, holding hands. Literally. We blushed occasionally. Our palms were sweaty. Gosh. Corny doesn't begin to describe it, but - even still - I will attempt to convince you of the wisdom of Bette Midler which, ironically enough, applies directly to the mighty spanikopita: It's the heart afraid … [Read more...]

Menu: Greece


This weekend was wonderful for three reasons. 1) I had the joy of being with my sweet daughter and husband for Mother's Day. We went to the immaculate gardens at the Philbrook Museum and pretended to be 18th century royalty. Also, Keith made me French Toast and did the dishes. And took me to dinner. And had my knives sharpened. And got a pedicure... with me. It was pretty epic, as far as Mother's Days go. 2) I got my first hair cut in over a year. Maybe in two years... I'm not sure. … [Read more...]