Monday Meal Review: Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, & Republic of Congo


NOTE: This is the MMR for three countries: Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Republic of Congo. We had some grand plans, Mr. Picky and I. We were going places. Specifically,  to a new house. Actually, it was built in the 1960's. But it would have been new to us, once we bought it. The house we're in is from the 50's, so this one seemed light years newer. As with any home, there was good and bad. The good? A quiet retreat on Lake Keystone with lake views and private … [Read more...]

Recipe: Goat in Banana Leaves with Spicy Peanut Sauce


Serves 4 This traditional African dish combines peanut butter with goat, two of the most common ingredients in many parts of the continent, especially west and central Africa. Hot peppers and cayenne add kick. Ingredients: 1 lb goat meat, cubed 1/2 onion, sliced thinly 1 poblano pepper, sliced thinly 4 12"x12" banana leaves (or sheets of aluminum foil) For the Sauce: 3/4 cup peanut butter 1 Tbsp bouillon 1/2 tsp cayenne water, as needed (I used 5 Tbsp) Method: Cube up … [Read more...]

Recipe: Mashed Plantains


Serves 4-8 The plantain's dense texture makes this a particularly hearty side dish. Our version is a rather coarse mash - like extra heavy duty mashed potatoes. You could keep going until it s as smooth as you'd like (you may need some hot liquid, like milk or stock, to help though). Ingredients: 5 ripe plantains salt pepper 3 Tbsp butter Method: Make sure your plantains are ripe. This is what ripe looks like... the blacker they get, the sweeter they taste, and that's a … [Read more...]

Video Saturday: Comoros, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo

Kick off your shoes, sit back and take a "slide show" trip to the stunning Comoros Islands. httpv:// And then there's the Congo... worms, worms, and more worms. While this video is rather silly, it does show photos of authentic Congolese food. Plus, who am I to criticize silliness? httpv:// What's for dinner at your house? I hope you have happy plans! :) … [Read more...]

Congo Bars, Extinct Fish & Margaritas (with poll)


Happy Fun Fact Friday! I had the most wonderful, GIANT margarita earlier, so I am going to keep this brief. Mostly because I keep misspelling words. (don't worry, I'm writing this Thursday night, not Friday morning ;) ) #1 In case you were wondering, Congo bars are not an authentic Congolese dessert. If they were, you can bet I would have made a batch (or three). #2 There's a big, crazy-looking fish that lives in the deep waters near the Comoros islands. Its called the … [Read more...]

Menu: Comoros, Congo, and Democratic Republic of Congo


What are you in the mood for? Because, this week, we probably have it on the menu.  Choose between lobster or goat, mushrooms or plantains, a vegetarian sandwich or fish. While Keith gets nervous seeing all these options, I smile from ear to ear with gratitude. After all, dinner was so boring this time last year. COMOROS Lobster [Recipe] with Vanilla-Shallot Dipping Butter [Recipe] Fresh lobster boiled and served with warm butter seasoned with shallot and fresh vanilla bean. Comorian … [Read more...]

About the food of Comoros, the Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo


I've been known to do things out of order. Once in a while I'll  even eat my dessert before dinner. Well... this week I mistakenly skipped the entire country of Comoros. I had no idea. My head was in the clouds.  I did all my shopping on Friday and spent Saturday cooking the Congo (with what limited time Ava's nap allows, anyway). Our Congolese meal was barely over when I decided to crack open my atlas to see what country was next. And thus, my error revealed itself. I'm a wee little bit … [Read more...]