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Green Tea

Monday Meal Review: Afghanistan

This is Meal #1 in my personal challenge: to eat one meal from every country in the world. No one moved an inch. Afghan music tiptoed softly about the room. Steam rose from our plates. I knew, as hostess to our dinner party of four, I had to make the first move. Holding my breath, I dipped my fingers into the slimy eggplant and brought the food to my lips. There was a pause. “Wow. This is…. good!” I said. The tension gave way to giggles. My friends gingerly dug their fingers into their meal. I waited, searching their faces. One by one, they smiled. “Yes, this is good!” Skipping silverware is not simple. The challenge lies in not making a complete mess of your plate, your hand, and your face. Even using a napkin becomes confusing; your hands just get dirty again. Yet, I can’t get over how much enjoyment I got out of being so uncomfortable. The awkward experience of using my hand as silverware gave me a fresh dining experience. I kept a running inventory of textures in my head: soft, dry, slippery, crumbly, soupy. Then I matched the texture to …

Sabse Borani

Spinach Yogurt Dip | Sabse Borani

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