Monday Meal Review: Dominican Republic


Some would blame the moon. Lady fortune. Michael Jackson. The last few weeks I've had this creepy, crawly feeling. It starts in my elbows and works its way up the back of my neck. It's like stardust is sparkling on my skin. Like I'm dancing in the rain. In great part, I blame you. You see, this blog is coming up on its one year anniversary. I've learned a ton about food from A-D, have watched my family grow healthier and better fed, and, finally, have had so much fun getting to know … [Read more...]

Recipe: Dominican Beans


Serves 4 They might not look like much, but these kidney beans taste like a work of art! Get your sofrito on! Ingredients: 1 cup sofrito olive oil 2 cans red kidney beans 1 cup stock or water salt & pepper Method: Heat up some oil in a medium pot. Add sofrito and cook... past the point where it releases all its juices... To the point where it starts to get toasty. That is the yummy bits that will make your beans incredible. Next, add the … [Read more...]

Recipe: Dominican Stew Chicken (Pollo Guisado)


Serves 4 I don't know about you, but I tend to get in a rut with chicken. Growing up in Boston, my mom often just roasted a chicken with salt, pepper and olive oil, letting the natural juices and skin provide most of the flavor. This traditional Dominican recipe is a fun way to mix things up - the meat slowly absorbs the sofrito flavor, as well as hint of lemony freshness - the perfect match for chicken. Ingredients: 4 chicken thighs 4 chicken legs 1 cup sofrito (you could add 2 cups … [Read more...]

Recipe: Sazon/Sofrito (Fresh Veggie Seasoning Base)


Makes about 5 cups Are you haggard in the kitchen? Overwhelmed at the thought of cutting up a bunch of fresh vegetables on a week night, but aware that - if you don't - dinner is going to be b.l.a.n.d.? Dominican Sofrito (also known as Sazon) is your answer. Make a batch once or twice a week and you'll have a great, healthy seasoning base that will amp up any dish. NOTE: In the Dominican Republic, sofrito can be made any number of ways. At the lovely web site Dominican Cooking you will … [Read more...]

Three Ways to Heat things up like a Dominican (with Poll)


I'm wearing two wool sweaters and a scarf. Indoors.  It's freezing, freezing, freezing. Are you cold? Can you feel your fingers? I can't. Let's heat things up, Domincan-style. 1. Dance the Merengue or the Bachata (links go to YouTube videos) You'll be shaking your hips as you click, click across the floor. You'll also be burning calories and, most likely, you'll be smiling. So grab a partner and let's have some fun! Don't have a partner? Grab a broom! :) 2. Eat … [Read more...]

Recipe: Caribbean Tres Leches Cake


A proper Tres Leches cake is thirsty. Really thirsty. Each dry, pocket of cake crumb soaks up more milk than a stray kitten. Our version soaks up a little over 3 cups (!) of liquid as it sits in the fridge over night. While the texture is moist, a good Tres Leches cake will never be soggy or mushy. It will - against all odds - retain a discernible crumb in spite of the milk within. NOTE: See my recipe and associated feature story about Global Table Adventure in the Tulsa World. They probably … [Read more...]

Menu: Dominican Republic


What would you serve if a special guest was coming to your house? Someone who you desperately want to impress? I'll tell you what: serve them something simple, flavorful and - most importantly - something that practically cooks itself. You know, so you have time to brush your hair and change your clothes. Our Dominican menu is the exact menu I would suggest - after all, it was good enough to tempt the taste buds of Natalie Mikles, from a little paper that starts with Tulsa and ends with … [Read more...]

About the Food of the Dominican Republic


Fancy a trip to the Alps? The Dominican Alps? That's right. Smack dab in the heart of the Dominican Republic, far away from the 'all inclusive' resorts and pristine beaches,  are the tallest peaks in the Caribbean. Clinging to their sides are cool wooded forests composed, primarily, of pine trees. In the spring, a dedicated hiker may even be rewarded with clusters of sweet strawberries. I never thought learning about the D.R. - situated on a tropical island - would make me homesick for New … [Read more...]