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Monday Meal Review: Lithuania

THE SCENE: We start off with twelve Lithuanian deviled eggs, more than enough for two adults and a toddler. We each eat one. Mine is gone in 2.8 seconds. Ava takes a minute to nibble on hers. Keith, a.k.a. Mr Picky, barely makes it. He shudders a little and holds his nose while he eats his egg, all in one bite because he simply can’t bare to make it last any longer. This is serious work for him; hard-boiled eggs and mushrooms are two of his least favorite ingredients. Watching him struggle, I can’t help myself. I giggle uncontrollably. The more I feel bad for him, the funnier it gets. He looks at me as he chews. I see payback in his eyes.  A twinge of fear runs through me. “They taste a lot better than they smell,” he says. Curious if he means it, I ask him to eat one more. We debate. He begs. I beg. Ava watches us pingball the idea around. She offers him one. Finally, he eats one more, purely for her …

Roast Beet Slaw with Spicy Horseradish

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