Time to Show Off: What’s on Your Global Table?

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This week, as I was heaving this behemoth fish into the oven, I thought of you all. Specifically, I wondered what you have been cooking. Surely I’m not the only one going through groceries like a madwoman?!

I’ve been doing some more recipe testing for my memoir COOKING MY WAY HOME (National Geographic, Oct 2014). There will be 29 recipes in the book, including this Fire-Roasted Fish from the Maldives. With chili peppers, onion, and curry leaves, it’s a flavor explosion!

Just curious (since I’m feeling chatty) — have you ever roasted a whole fish? Why or why not?

And, just because I couldn’t believe the size of this thing — anyone want to guess how many pounds this grouper is?


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Even without the recipe testing, I still think I’d be cooking like crazy. After all, it’s cold outside.

And there’s no better pairing for cold air than something hot from the oven.

I care about you and this community: if you’re cooking, too, I want to hear about it!

Leave a comment and – even better – snap a photo on Instagram so we can all see what’s on your Global Table!

Share what’s on your table with #GTAgrams and be sure to follow me on InstagramI’ll be announcing photo themes from time to time — some of your photos may be featured in a future post.  



  1. Kelster says

    Whole roasted fish is popular in Jamaica. I love when it’s stuffed with okra and other seasonings then roasted.

  2. Wow! That fish is beautiful! I’ve never roasted a whole fish before mainly because my husband is vehemently against it! lol-hopefully that will change. We are starting our own global table adventure next week..finally! We are going a little out of order to start because it is coinciding with the start of our Operation Rice Bowl project for Lent so we will start with the countries CRS (Catholic Relief Services) is focusing on this year. First up for us is Kenya! I can’t wait. After Lent I think we’ll go back and start with the countries in alphabetical order. I can’t wait for your book. I know that’s one I’ll have to have!

  3. Suzanne B says

    Hey there Sasha!

    My fave fish to cook whole is, hands down, wild Pacific Sockeye salmon. We live in British Columbia, Canada and Sockeye abound in our cold waters. We have both ocean (salty) and inland (fresh water) fish so there are many to choose from. My hubby enjoys trout from a nearby lake where he goes fishing with a buddy.

    My favorite way to make a whole fish is the BBQ. In prepping the salmon, I do it the aboriginal/indian Canadian method: smear honey inside the cavity then fill with chopped onion, celery, yams/sweet potatoes, pre-cooked wild rice (all mixed together first…with a bit of butter because it’s sooooo good). Spray or brush vegetable oil on the shiny side of aluminum foil that will be next to the fish. Place fish in the center of the foil, drizzle with a bit of apple juice (or white wine), then wrap loosely so “packet” will steam while it cooks on the BBQ.

    This method ensures a juicy, tender fish with a cavity mixture of rice etc that’s yummcious! We have BBQd without the foil but then you can’t use the filling (it needs to be cooked on the stove which, in the Summer, means turning on the stove. Yuck.

    Another method is called Indian Candy. The salmon is smoked after being brined in a sweet bath. It’s too sweet for me as I like my smoked salmon tender and fragrant rather than tough and fragrant.

    In our local grocery stores, you can find “ground salmon” which is actually the lean trimmings of the fillets without any skin or bones. It’s great value for the money as the price is much less than that of chicken per pound yet you’re getting Sockeye Salmon AND for kids/adults that don’t like dealing with skin or bones it’s easy to make into a fish cake (serve with oven yam fries, roasted garlic aioli, tossed green salad).

    The weight of your fish before cooking? hmmmmm how about 4 1/2 lbs?

    I’ll be watching out for your book!!
    Suzanne in Kelowna, BC, Canada

  4. Sandra says

    First – i preordered your book on Amazon- cant wait to receive it. I have never cooked a whole fish but this is inspiring me. The past few months i finally mastered the art of Chicago deep dish pizza. I lived most of my adult life there until work brought me to San Diego. I love it here except you cannot find what i call good pizza. Well, i finally did it and now we can’twait until it is pizza night again. The crust, chees and topping is perfect. Mmmmmm.

  5. Barb Clough says

    Thanks to you, I grilled an entire trout for Andorra earlier this year. I looked up my own recipes for Australia:
    Curtis Stone’s Australian Sausage Roll Sunny Fruit Salad Sesame BBQ Shrimp Jamie Oliver’s Roasted Root Vegetables

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