Time to Show Off: What’s on Your Global Table?

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This week, as I was heaving this behemoth fish into the oven, I thought of you all. Specifically, I wondered what you have been cooking. Surely I’m not the only one going through groceries like a madwoman?!

I’ve been doing some more recipe testing for my memoir COOKING MY WAY HOME (National Geographic, Oct 2014). There will be 29 recipes in the book, including this Fire-Roasted Fish from the Maldives. With chili peppers, onion, and curry leaves, it’s a flavor explosion!

Just curious (since I’m feeling chatty) — have you ever roasted a whole fish? Why or why not?

And, just because I couldn’t believe the size of this thing — anyone want to guess how many pounds this grouper is?


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Even without the recipe testing, I still think I’d be cooking like crazy. After all, it’s cold outside.

And there’s no better pairing for cold air than something hot from the oven.

I care about you and this community: if you’re cooking, too, I want to hear about it!

Leave a comment and – even better – snap a photo on Instagram so we can all see what’s on your Global Table!

Share what’s on your table with #GTAgrams and be sure to follow me on InstagramI’ll be announcing photo themes from time to time — some of your photos may be featured in a future post.  



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