Menu: South Sudan


"A man without money goes fast through the market." South Sudanese Proverb This week we're digging into a menu that shows off South Sudan's love of peanuts, sorghum, and spinach. These three staples can be found in many forms throughout the tropical country, although we've used them in traditional recipes that will be accessible to most home cooks. And while we're talking about spinach, can we talk about spring for a second? What on earth is happening? No, really. Tulsa is all kinds of … [Read more...]

About the Food of South Sudan

South Sudanese children. Photo by Photo Credit: Karl Grobl, Education Development Center Inc.

It is a rare thing to bite into a new country; so often we think of our geopolitical landscape as static. But countries are no more static than the mountains which shift and crack, and spew forth anew from the earth's molten core. There are surges and separations, and somehow, from the same old earth, something new emerges. Which brings me to this week. South Sudan. The world's newest country (as of July 9, 2011). She's hot, tropical, and bursting with jungle and swampland. She's … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: North Sudan

httpv:// If you could taste life, it would be salt of the earth, spice of the heavens. It would leave you thirsty, and yet it would quench you. When I see people sweat through complicated recipes to impress each other, rather that for fun, I wonder if they taste life... if they really drink it in. Because I've seen it. I've seen her. That girl who's crying before a dinner party because she's taken on a recipe that's much too complicated. Or because she's just … [Read more...]

Recipe: Sudanese Flatbread | Gorraasa

Gorraasa is a soft, doughy bread enjoyed in the Sudan that tastes like a really thick tortilla. The texture is a bit more spongy, however, and when I pulled mine into pieces, I was delighted to find the slight elasticity at once addicting and good for picking up food. Which is exactly how the Sudanese use Gorraasa. They place a round of Gorraasa under stewed meats or other entrees, then tear off bits of the bread to pick up the food instead of using utensils. It can also be enjoyed on its … [Read more...]

Recipe: Cucumber Yogurt Salad | Salatet Zabady bil ajur

A cucumber salad is a thing of beauty. It cools, it refreshes, and it provides important nutrition thanks to a happy scoop of yogurt and tons of fiber from the cucumber (not to mention garlic's anti-vampire qualities). While cucumber salads span the globe in one form or another, this version is popular through the Middle East, western Asia, and even parts of Europe (with minor variations). In Sudan, this salad can be enjoyed on it's own, as a dip* or on the side of spiced meats, like grilled … [Read more...]

Recipe: Sudanese Cinnamon Tea

Under the pulsing noonday sun, Tea Ladies line the streets of Sudan. They soak up what little shade they can find. Water simmers over charcoal stoves. They swirl a mishmash of ingredients through the steam, into the pot. You can pick your combination. Will it be mint? Or what about ginger? The most popular option for many patrons is cinnamon tea, a blend of black tea steeped with cinnamon sticks. Many patrons like to hold a sugar cube between the teeth while drinking to sweeten the … [Read more...]

Menu: North Sudan


"Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fatted ox where there is hatred." Sudanese Proverb I'm taking this proverb to heart. This week happens to be a simple week. We're breathing easy with vegetables, grain, and tea. We're making room for love in a busy, busy time.  The end result? This is a quick menu, something that can be made on a weeknight... without stress or strain. Thankfully, North Sudan accommodated us easily (and I felt guilt-free about going so simple since … [Read more...]

About the food of North Sudan

Market in Darfur courtesy of COSV.

If you wander through the deserts and hot winds of Sudan, you'll be rewarded with a collection of richly spiced and lemon-laced foods, and even cooling cucumber and yogurt salads [Recipe]. You'll recognize many dishes traditionally enjoyed by the Sudanese from our previous Global Table meals, such as ful medames (also enjoyed in Egypt), kofta, and basboosa (beloved throughout the Middle East). That basboosa cake? It's soaked with lemon and rosewater syrup. I could eat that … [Read more...]