Monday Meal Review: Swaziland


“The bee that is forced into the hive will not produce honey.”

This Swazi proverb has me thinking about what I do and why. When I used to work a desk job, I had  a palpable limit to my energy and creativity: it was called “5pm.” The old song “It’s five o’clock somewhere” was my quitting time rhyme. I was out that door faster than anyone else and, in fact, I was unproductively waiting for the end of the day even before five o’clock.

But since I began cooking the world, something strange has happened. No longer am I watching the clock. No longer do I count the minutes down by the second.

Instead, I have weeks like this one… our Swazi week … where I’m surrounded by the steam of the moistest corn bread I’ve ever had, reveling as I eat nearly an entire loaf by myself. Times when I fall into a tongue in cheek discussion with Mr Picky about how delicious beets are (I believe it, he doesn’t).

Where Ava tries radishes and loves them. Then hates them. Then loves them.

Then tosses it all away for Mealie Bread.


I lose track of time when we are caught up in the glory of discovery. Simple discovery.

The joy of it makes me push myself harder than ever before. And I’ve never been prouder of the work that I do.

It has everything to do with the Swazi proverb at the top of this page. This week, the Swazi remind me that we can only produce “honey” when we are doing what we believe to be our calling. When we aren’t forced into action.

And speaking of the work that I do, you are an important part of this Adventure. I’d love to get your input…  Towards the end of this year, the original purpose of this blog – to cook a meal for every country in the world – will be wrapping up. I would love your input on what you’d like to see after the I reach the end of the countries… Maybe more of the same? Some global crafts? Video recipes? Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks! xo


Mealie Bread [Recipe]

What I loved most about this dish:

This is the best cornbread I’ve ever made or had. This is my new go-to cornbread. It was funny to watch Mr Picky prepare to eat it. He had a nonchalant, bored look… but then he took a bite and, with a slight raise of the eyebrows and upward curve of his lips, I knew he agreed with me. Mealie Bread is a special kind of corn bread, indeed. Ava gobbled it up, too.

What I loved least about this dish:

Nothing. Mealie Bread is 100% win. Especially with a bit of softened butter.

Swazi Salad, a.k.a. “Slaai” [Recipe]

What I loved most about this dish:

This was a fun, refreshing salad which happened to come together quite beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised that Ava tried the radishes, but disappointed she still wasn’t keen to try the beets. That being said, she was all about the “pink” avocados, that had been stained by the beet juice. I feel like somehow that’s a win, for the parent.

What I loved least about this dish:

Not much. If the lemon dressing is a bit sharp for you, you might try diluting it with some peanut oil… that captures the region’s love for peanuts, so it’s not straying too far from tradition. That being said, a squeeze of bright lemon juice with a healthy sprinkling of salt is the perfect topper on a hot summer’s day.


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