Month: August 2012

Dill & Lemon Pepper Gravlax | Gravlaks

I can be so wimpy. Sometimes I need a little push. A little motivation. Like that time I wanted to dive off the tall board at the pool. It was seventh grade and I was so scared my heart was in my ears. Thump, thump, thump. I could hardly see. Even my knees were woozy. I held hands with a friend and, after a thirty-minute long giggle-hesitation, I actually jumped in. Unfortunately, the force of jumping 15 feet did things to my bathing suit I still don’t want to talk about. I never did jump off that board again, although I’ll always be glad I did. Today is much the same. Gravlax, our second Norwegian dish for our Global Table. The very idea of eating made me weak in the knees. (Tip: Invite a Scandinavian friend over to help get you over those giggle-hesitations). Gravlax is cured salmon, a.k.a. raw salmon that sits in a bed of sugar and salt for three days or until firm and ready to eat. The flavor is typically enhanced with …

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Scandinavian Ring Cake | Kransekake

When I woke up yesterday I had no intention of losing my wedding rings. In the morning I hugged Malky the cat  and Ava, my daughter. In the afternoon, I did a silly dance with the curtains wide open, daring my neighbors to judge me. Around five o’clock I indulged in a green bottle of bubbly water while sitting by a glittering summer-filled window. I felt the heat (110F in the shade) radiate on my face and I smiled, happy to be inside. I fidgeted with my rings, as I often do whenever happy thoughts cross my mind. Two hours later, Ava’s bedtime arrived. I carefully placed my rings on the coffee table to lotion up my hands. Ava singsonged across the room, her entire body full of giggles, and asked if she could try the rings on.  I nodded with a smile and she tossed them on her tiny fingers. She said, while dangling her bejeweled hand out in front of her, “I’m mama. What you want? I cook you something.” I remember laughing and I remember …

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Menu: Norway (& Giveaway)

I watch the Olympics on the televisions at the gym. Synchronized divers catch my eye as I rappel down a climbing wall from two stories up. (Really, it’s more of an awkward fall since I’m new to rock climbing). I watch gymnasts flip while pedaling with my heartbeat at 150 bpm. Since I don’t have a television, this is my only option. Here’s what I’ve learned: put five golden rings on a wet noodle and my eyes will well up with tears. I love the Olympics. The very logo has seeped into my subconscious. Just look at our Norwegian menu for this week’s Global Table. I didn’t realize it, but I filled our plates with circles, rings, and even the littlest bit of gold (in the form of lemon zest on the gravlaks). Sure, the cake needed to be made of rings, but the bread didn’t have to be cut in circles. Consider it my fun, accidental homage to all the beautiful athletes in the Olympics. Norwegian Summer Shrimp Party [Recipe] Experience summer like a Norwegian – load up the table with …

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