Menu: Marshall Islands

This is the time of year, as the seasons change, that I feel the “tradewinds” of life blowing me in new directions. I have more energy, but am also filled with more frenzy. Spring fever. This is what the Marshall Islands does for those familiar ingredients we all know and love – bananas, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, macadamia nuts. She shakes them up, makes new combinations (to me at least), and serves up a hearty platter of “good.”

I find myself gravitating towards this type of food – simple, yet big on flavor. Decadent but uncomplicated. Now, if I could just bring the ocean to Tulsa, Oklahoma, I’d be all set. But I wonder if Ava would agree. What Ava’s thinking (above)? Any caption ideas?

Sweet Potatoes & Fried Bananas [Recipe]
Bolster up your next barbecue or roast with this sweet and savory concoction. This is simple as it sounds – cubed sweet potatoes tossed with crispy, fried bananas.

Baked Papaya with Coconut Cream [Recipe]
This is warm dessert goodness, baked until happy and served with coconut milk and pandan leaf (since one can always benefit from a little exotic deliciousness).

Sweet Macadamia Pie [Recipe]
Pecan Pie’s curvier, bolder sister. Served with coconut whipped cream and sweetened with honey.

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