Menu: Malta

Look at Mr Picky. Specifically, look at his eyebrows. They’re practically touching his hair line. That, my friends, is sugar going straight to his brain.. any ideas for a caption?

As for the menu, I think you’re going to do summersaults. Or, at least, squiggly noodle-saults. Every single dish is fun for the whole family. If, when you nibble these treats, you can’t taste Malta’s ocean breeze, then something’s gone terribly wrong.

Vermicelli Fritatta (Froga tat-Tarja) [Recipe]
Eggs + Angel Hair = a hearty brunch. Our version has ricotta, parmesan and parsley as well.

Maltese Stuffed Artichokes (Qaqoċċ Mimli) [Recipe]
The bold flavor of garlic, anchovies, and olives in a sourdough breadcrumb stuffing… pressed into artichokes and steamed until tender.

Marzipan Easter Cookies (Figolla) [Recipe]
Lemon sugar cookies filled with almond paste and frosted until giddy. Traditionally served at Easter. Huzzah!

*All recipes and Meal review will be posted by Monday morning


  1. Jessica Bennett says

    I can’t think of a caption. This is one of those “a picture is worth a thousand words” moments. And what a sweet picture it is (not from the sugar but from the love). It is a real joy getting to know your family, Sasha- thank you for sharing your world with us as well as your cooking.

  2. THis picture is too sweet for words! Love her look of pure pleasure knowing Daddy is going to loooove the treat!

    Now I look forward to the sourdough crumb filling, as I bake sourdough on a regular basis, but never thought of using it in a recipe like that. Nice idea!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Sally, baking homemade sourdough – how wonderful! I am never patient enough with the starter… I do much better with some of the African fermented panckes – like Injera (from northeast Africa) – they don’t take nearly as much patience. Still, I very much enjoy making artisan bread, like what I made for our French Global Table.

      • Oh, Injera! You know, it’s one of my projects to make sometime, I even have the teff flour in the freezer waiting… somehow it intimidates me.

        • Jessica Bennett says

          I used to make injera fairly often (it used to be kind of a staple for me, with lentils or chicken- I should make some again soon). Don’t be intimidated! The first time I made it, I wondered if I was doing it right ’cause it just didn’t look like what I thought it should look like, but it turned out fine.

  3. aunty eileen says

    haha… when I first saw this picture I smiled, and then my mind immediately went back to the video of Ava saying, as the video picture faded away, “eat it!”… remember the precious deviled egg video. so for me, other than this picture being, just plain great…. it could be Ava saying something like ‘eat, it… it’s ok, sugar isn’t bad for us once in a while’…. haha… anyway, it is a great picture

      • aunty eileen says

        hahaha…. ok then, how about:: “eat it…. Mama won’t notice one more has disappeared” Sasha, their precious eyes locked… Keith looking for Ava’s reassurance and Ava so sure of herself…. haha I probably would never have thought of it except for the deviled egg review video and ‘Mr. Picky”s past eating likes/habits and the original purpose of this thread….

  4. Jym Brittain says

    I wish I was near Tulsa this week! I’d volunteer to pop over and help you cook. You picked a great Maltese menu. Great flavors, without offending sensibilities like stuffat tal-fenek might.

    • Sasha Martin says

      That would have been great (I actually cook ahead 🙂 I hope I do Malta (and you) proud!

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