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The other day we took Ava on a hike in the woods and pretended we were exploring Lithuania. We brought a backpack to carry her when she got tired, which I expected to be about three minutes down the trail considering she’s only 2 1/2. Fortyfive minutes later she was still happily scrambling over the trails.

That day, Ava walked more than a mile; clearly I’ve been underestimating her tiny baby legs. Now she gets to walk a lot – I let her walk the half mile to the library, school and grocery store. She loves it, singing and running almost the entire way!

But there’s a wicked side effect…

After every walk she comes down with the hungriest hunger.

This week, our Lithuanian menu is partially a solution for this, the appetite of an insatiable toddler. I’d say, given their beautiful forests, they have some experience with hungry hikers like Ava.

Lithuanian forest. Photo by Dubysa

Lithuanian-inspired Deviled Eggs with Mushrooms [Recipe] 
I know, I know. But this kid loves her eggs. And her mushrooms. When I read that Lithuanians do, too, well.. I knew I had to make these.

Rosemary Pork Roast with Boozy Prunes [Recipe] 
Hello, cozy afternoon with white wine infused sweet prunes and rosemary garlic pork roast. You are the dreamiest way to stovetop travel. And possibly the easiest. And Ava loves you.

Roast Beet Slaw with Spicy Horseradish [Recipe] 
Don’t be fooled by this pretty-in-pink concoction; she’s spicy. Lithuanians use this salad both as a slaw and a condiment – enjoy it with fish, meat, or just because.

Homemade Lithuanian Honey Spirits (Krupnikas) [Recipe] 
Winter will never feel too long when you have this drink in hand. And, please forgive me in advance. I’m going to ask you to make this very, very soon… for next year’s holiday gifts. (Does tomorrow work for you?)

*All recipes and the meal review will be posted by Monday morning.


  1. That is the coolest menu…and the discovery that the “terrible twos” are really only a result of frustrating the natural awakening of the body to get moving and flexing

    • Sasha Martin says

      Yes, she is so much happier *moving* when playing and loves going outside, no matter the weather (brave girl!) 🙂

  2. Lithuania says

    Fascinating menu! You cannot go more authentic than homemade Krupnikas. The prune stuffed pork, even though not entirely traditional, can be easily seen cooked in modern Lithuanian kitchens. Anything-pork is very Lithuanian. I grew up having beet infused (very pink) horseradish in the fridge – it was a constant staple in our household. And my mom made deviled eggs with Šprotai (sardine-like smoked fish) but your variation sounds really good too. Mushroom foraging is like a sport in Lithuania (especially in the South) and I do not know anyone who doesn’t like it, or who cannot distinguish poisonous mushrooms from edible ones. It is essentially in your Lithuanian DNA 🙂

    Ava is so fortunate to have you help her develop such a broad palette for world cuisines! She will thank you for that in the future when she grows up!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thank you! I love that most everyone knows how to tell poisonous mushrooms apart from the wild ones. I’m surprised about the pork roast because I got the basic idea from “The Art of Lithuanian cooking” – it must be more a more modern cookbook. Thanks for weighing in and sharing your thoughts. 🙂 And I hope you stick around, even after we finish Lithuania. Best wishes!

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