A week of global celebrations

We’re taking a week to celebrate.

To smile and laugh.

To throw imaginary snowballs.

To sing songs at the top of  lungs, despite the fact that we don’t know all the lyrics.

To quote Ava: “we wish you, we wish you… we … wish you…WE WISH YOU!!!”

(She’s working on memorizing the rest)

I’m also going to share some great Global tidbits with you throughout the week.

Here’s the itinerary:

Global holiday menu ideas
Sneak peak of our very own Global Table Adventure reusable shopping bags (!)
Global New Year’s ideas
Winners of our Gingerbread for Peace competition

Meanwhile, feel free to browse the interactive map filled with countries I’ve cooked.

And be sure to check out our halfway video. Spread the love!


  1. Jessica Bennett says

    Happy holidays to you and your family 🙂

    I love the reusable bags idea- that’s something I could definitely use. I’d much rather use that than the ones I have now (ones that advertise a local health care place that I just use because they gave them out at a health fair and I’d rather use them than plastic bags). And I hope when I use it, people will ask me about it so I can share your wonderful blog with them and help spread positive things about our world.

  2. Reusable bags! The ones I’m using now are starting to really wear out so I’m looking forward to seeing these.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Yay! I was up until midnight last night working on the design, I’m really excited about them 🙂

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