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The thing about living on a coral atol with no good soil, waaaaay out in the middle of the Pacific ocean is ... well, you're a wee bit stuck when it comes to what you can and cannot eat. Bottom line, if nothing grows where you live, then breakfast, lunch and dinner all begin to take on the same appearance: Which is okay, since fish is the bees knees. And, as for breadfruit - it apparently smells like freshly baked bread - and pandanus fruit is said to be very sweet and juicy; they both … [Read more...]

Recipe: Roasted Lobster Tails with Coconut Curry Dipping Sauce


We're all friends here, right? I need to tell you something important. I'm learning to step out of my comfort zone. Not just once in a while. Once a day. It's scary but also rewarding. Sometimes, though, you can take too big a step. I'm learning that baby steps are better. Let me put this into context for you. Deciding whether or not to make this recipe caused quite the dilemma. You see, the last time I made lobster was traumatic. Have you ever made live lobster? It's stressful. It … [Read more...]

Menu: Kiribati


What is it about Wednesday's? They're such a transitional day. A day when the weekend is too far away. From both sides. Listen, I want to tell you a secret. Although I like people, I'm rather shy. I don't do a good job of being myself around new friends. Sometimes I trip and other times spill things on myself.  Sometimes it happens all at once. Kiribati is a new friend. I'm trying hard not to trip. I hope you'll understand if I take it slow. We're getting our feet wet with two dishes in … [Read more...]

About the food of Kiribati

Inspiration for our Global Gingerbread Contest? The Former Kiribati House of Assembly. Photo by Roisterer

Every country has a distinct personality. Think of Kiribati as a distant relative - one you might not have even known existed. And I don't mean your grouchy Aunt Lola. Nope. I mean an upbeat and exotic cousin - one that somehow also manages to exude simplicity and thrift. At her most basic, Kiribati's a hodge podge of 33 teeny weeny coral atolls in Oceania. Translation? Kiribati's landmass is so small that "island" is not an appropriate way to describe her situation (although the grouping … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Kenya

A long day of play makes for a very tired toddler.

THE SCENE "Look Ava," I said, "You can pick up the meat with your bread - it's called chaaa-paaa-teeee." Ava laughed. Then, without blinking, she screwed her face up tight and cried. Then she laughed. Then she threw her head back and tried to squirm out of her high chair. Ava was tired. Really tired. "Watch how mamma does," I continued, trying to stay upbeat. I tore a piece of the still warm chapati and used it to pinch a small piece of meat between my fingers. Trying to look … [Read more...]

Recipe: Simple Chapati


Makes 6 Chapati I firmly believe flatbread has magical qualities. It can revive dull dinner conversation during that gaping time when the food seems like it'll never be ready. And, when the meal finally arrives, flatbread is there to happily house any number of visitors, including stews, sandwich fillings, spreads, dips, and cheeses. It can even make a grouchy baby happy again. I'm into it. Are you with me? Here's the short of it:  I go to my happy place when presented with a … [Read more...]

Recipe: Kenyan Nyama (Stewed Beef)


Serves 4 Hello, sky. Have you been outside lately? It's amazing. The sky wants to swallow me up into a great big smile. Go ahead - check it out - take a look. See if it does the same thing to you, too. And the coolest part? That same sky you're looking at - I'm looking at it, too. We're all looking at it. Together. Over here, in Oklahoma-land, we're tiptoeing into fall. I know because I recently felt the first chill of winter - the one that hits you upon walking outside in flip … [Read more...]

Recipe: Grilled Corn rubbed with Chili & Lime Salt


Makes 1/4 cup seasoned salt for lots of corn goodness. Can you squeeze a lime? Can you smash chili peppers into a mini mound of salt? Can you grill corn? This is one of those recipes that you make on a day, much like today, when you want to prepare something impressive, but you can't be bothered to do very much. We owe it to the lovely people of Kenya: take a walk down their bustling streets and you'll likely find vendors selling roasted corn rolled in a spicy blend of chili, fresh … [Read more...]